Yeh Hain Chahtein 18 November 2020 Written Update : Yuvraj pays the price

At the beginning of the episode, Yuvraj found a strange lady missing and found that she has left the room. Yuvraj was worried about the bills and thought of escaping from there. Preesha went to the room to see any note which Rudkraksh might have left for him, but she did not find anything.

Preesha was trying to contact him, but he was unavailable, then Preesha called Shardha and asked about Rudkraksh and acknowledged to them that Rudkraksh left the hotel early morning. Vashidha gets upset listening to this. Ahana gets happy and called Yuvraj to collect the information about his scandal.

Yuvraj was unaware of everything, and Ahana informed him that Rudraksh is missing. Yuvraj got the bill and gave his card for the payment. Rudkraksh was on the flight with the strange lady. Preesha went to reception and told them about The CCTV footage, but she didn’t get it as it was the default. Preesha gets hyper and said to them that she would file a complaint about them.

Preesha got an envelope at the reception in which she found flight tickets and a note in which it was written that he is going to Delhi and a life-changing moment gas occurred. Preesha went to his room to pack up his bags. Rudkraksh came to Khurana’s house.

Sharadha was asking why he did so. Rudkraksh was feeling hesitant to explain them, and suddenly the strange lady came inside the house. Everyone hot shocked After seeing the lady. Vashudha came from upstairs after making Saransh distract from this incident.

Yuvraj was feeling upset about paying the bills, and suddenly Preesha saw Yuvraj and taunted him for following him. Yuvraj asked about Rudkraksh then Preesha doubt Yuvraj for Rudkraksh sudden visit to Delhi. Yuvraj said Preesha that God wants us to stay together.

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