Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18 November 2020 Written Update : Naira grows restless

At the beginning of the episode, Naira and Kartik went to Kairav school. The principal of the school told them that Kairav found a gun in the dustbin. Naira saw that notorious child and doubted Kairav but Kartik told Naira not to ask so many questions to him now as he feared.

Naira started crying, and Kartik calmed her. Naira becomes emotional and gets fear about there children. Kairav and Vansh discussed how they would manage to take the signature of parents on the report card. Vansh saw Naira was coming upstairs and made Kairav lie on the bed and acted of stomach pain.

Naira thought of writing a leave letter in his diary, and suddenly she came across his test paper. Naira got everything clear in her mind and scolded Kairav for hiding such things. Kaira started crying, and Kartik started pampering him. Suddenly Manish and Dadi came and got to know about the Kairav test paper and congratulated him on continuing their family tradition.

Kairav and Vansh were a little confused to see their reaction. Dadi Hugged Kairav and told them to work hard next time. Manish told Kairav to make any other strong excuse, not the old one. Naira was a little worried about Kairav and the way he is hiding things from him. Kartik told Naira to explain to him once.

Naira was a little worried that in the future, he might hide something big next time. Kartik blamed Naira for scolding Kairav so much that he started hiding things. Naira defended and said that she cares for him. And Naira says it’s compulsory to be a little strict for him. Kairav heard this and gets upset.

Naira saw the time and told Kartik that the children are late for school. Naira thanks Kartik for being supportive and making him smile. Kartik invited Kairav to play basketball ball with him. Suddenly Naira came outside, started playing with them, and added a challenge to the game. They divided into the team, but Kairav refused to go in Nair’s team and went inside the house.

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