Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 18th March 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 18th March 2023 Written Update, Sai returning home. She sees Pakhi leaving for the office. She asks Pakhi why she created the scene by calling Mahila Mandal people when she can deal with it simply. Pakhi says she doesn’t need her class to understand what she has to do. Sai says I just came here for Vinayak, not Virat and I will leave Virat and this house if you give Vinu to me. Pakhi asks if she thinks she is a fool. She questions if Virat stays with her if Vinu is not with her. She asks Sai to not play with her. She says she won’t let her have her husband, son, or house. Sai says she won’t leave anywhere until she gets Vinayak. Pakhi says you can do what you can do but I won’t let you take my husband or son. Sai says I will take Vinu with me and you can do what you want to stop me.

Virat messages Pakhi that they are wife and husband and they can solve their problems by talking to each other and he requests her to call him. Pakhi reads the message and keeps her cell aside. Savi and Vinu call Virat and Virat helps them to hang the nameplate. Sai comes there. Vinu tells her they rearranged the broken nameplate beautifully. Sai asks how it’s broken. Virat says kids joined it so it doesn’t matter how it broke. He asks them to see the room.

Sai sees the room and feels happy seeing her father’s photo. Savi asks why he didn’t put his photo. Virat says he doesn’t want to give the wrong idea to anyone. Vinayak takes out Savi with him. Sai understands she hurts him. Sai thanks Virat for decorating their room. Virat says it’s good that my hard work wasn’t wasted.

Sai apologizes to him for her behavior with him in the morning. Sai says Virat about a new doctor who irritated her which makes her lose her cool. Virat asks if he misbehaved with her, he will punish him tomorrow. Sai says she will handle the issue as she doesn’t want to disturb Nagpur’s DCP. Virat says along with being a DCP, he is also something to her. She asks what relation they have. Virat says maybe nothing and leaves.

Virat calls Pakhi. Pakhi rejects his call recalling Virat’s behaviour on Holi. Virat messages Pakhi that he will wait for her at home to talk with her. Pakhi calls Vinayak and tells him that she returns home lately. Vinyak asks what about his school project. Pakhi says I know you want to become a doctor so open the gift I placed for you in the cupboard. Vinayak sees the Doctor’s coat and loves it. Pakhi asks him to submit the project wearing a coat and make his project successful. Vinayak says thanks mom, I love you. Pakhi thinks Vinu is the one she has and others make her feel lonely.

At the dining table, Bhavani asks Virat to handle Pakhi and sort out everything otherwise I will oust Pakhi from this house. Ashwini reminds her Pakhi is their daughter-in-law. Bhavani says she is behaving like an enemy. Virat says he will set everything. Savi comes there and asks Virat to take her to the police station to observe him for his project. Virat agrees. Vinu comes there wearing Doctor’s coat. Virat says Vinu is looking good. Vinu says he is confused about his project. Virat asks him to observe Sai and others going to her hospital. Vinu asks if can he go. Sai says he can come. Vinu thanks her. Virat asks Sai to join them for dinner. Sai says she will eat in her room and leaves.

The next day, Vinayak and Sai reach the hospital. The nurse asks Sai about Vinu. Sai says he is a junior doctor. The nurse says these days they are getting handsome doctors. Sai gives her a look then she leaves. Vinu asks who’s another handsome one apart from him. Sai says you’re the one.

Precap – Virat requests Pakhi to not snatch his happiness. He says let it happens how it’s going on. Pakhi asks if he won’t oust Sai from the house. Virat says yes. Pakhi says fine, I won’t tell you to do it. Virat thanks her. He hugs her in happiness. Sai is about to fall but Satya holds her. Sai asks him to leave. He leaves her and she falls on the floor.

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