Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 19 December 2020 Written Update – Virat rebukes Sai

At the beginning of the episode, Virat told Sai that he knew very well that you wanted Pakhi to throw out of this house. Sai said she knows very well that you have feelings for Pakhi. Virat told him that this marriage was just a deal, so why you are getting so irritated if I like her. Sai gets confused and said, him that I will concentrate on my career, and I do not bother where you go and whom you meet and assured Virat that she would surely bring Pakhi back to this house for you as she knows without her you are helpless, and for me, you have done so many things, and in return, I can do this for you.

The next morning Virat went to Pakhi’s house while she was practicing yoga. Pakhi’s parents got surprised seeing Virat. Virat said a family member of my house has left that hose and came here, so it was necessary to come. Pakhi’s father said Pakhi has decided that she will not go back to this house. Virat requested Pakhi to come back until Samrat come back. Virat apologized on behalf of Saj and insisted her to come back, but Pakhi denied coming back and said she sill now do a job and concentrate on her life.

Virat told everyone is wanting you to come back, but Pakhi said you have also insulted me. Virat said, what happened the day before in that you have done a mistake. Pakhi’s mother comes forward and said you do not have tube justification if you have decided that you will not go back there. Virat told Pakhi that Sai was sorry for her mistake, and in the future, she will not repeat this, and she was also ready to say sorry by coming to your home.

Virat asked Pakhi for her final decision for her mouth. Pakhi said she will not return to that house. Pakhi’s father told Virat if in that house if Sai would have not insulted her then she might be staying in that house only. Sai was sitting at a table and recalling Virat’s last words, which he told him. Ashwini came to her and asked what she is thinking. Ashwini asked Sai to call Virat and ask him what he is doing. Sai said I will not call him. Ashwini laughed and said, you are crazy.

Virat was talking to Sunny over a call that he cannot believe that Pakhi denied coming back until Samrat come back. Sai hear this and thought I was unaware that Pakhi is so important to Virat. While sleeping Sai thought Virat is very much upset because Pakhi is not in this home and Virat was thinking that I am doing wrong with Sai and thought of saying sorry to her. Suddenly Sai coughed, and Virat gave him water and asked him not to drink cold water.

Sai said Virat that she wants to Go back to her village as he wants to withdraw money from her father hit Virat told her that from now she will ask ber for money and not to ask Usha. Sai asked Virat that why Pakhi did not come with her but Virat said he is feeling sleepy and slept. Sai thought anyhow she has to bring Pakhi back to this house.

Episode end

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