Yeh Hain Chahtein 19 December 2020 Written Update – Mahima plans for the next step

At the beginning of the episode, Yuvraj though if Mahima would take his money bag then what he will do so he agreed to help them. Yuvraj told Rukdkrash that in this, I need money as I do not earn so much. Rudkraksh said you would get more than your expectations, but you will jot touch Preesha. Yuvraj thought in his mind that this is the right time to come close to Preesha. Rudkraksh warned him that this is only an act and you will not cross your limits.

Yuvraj though this is the right time to apart them. Preesha told Rudkraksh to calmed down as we are doing all this for Saranac. Yuvraj said all were very surprised when Preesha said about the property, and Yuvraj told all were doing there acting so realistic that Mahima believed in our plan. Shardha called Rudkraksh and informed him that Mahima is waiting for him to enter the house together. Rudkraksh said he has to go and hugged Preesha, and went off.

Preesha went with Yuvraj, and Rudkraksh went to the Khurana mansion. All were waiting for Rudkraksh at the fate to welcome Rudkraksh and Mahima, but Ruderals’ came and said this time is to think how we will convince Saranash to accept his new mother and went inside. After all, went Mahima welcomed herself and felt happy to be so rich and thanked that moment when he saw Rudkraksh and Preesha at a restaurant where he saw Rudkraksh article in a newspaper where it was written that Preesha is the sole owner of all the trust fund and thought od snatching all this form her.

Mahima said for this, I have to take a huge risk of burning that hospital so no one can cross-check my reports. Then she recalled how she went inside the hospital and burnt all the records as well as the hospital also. Mahima told now I have completed my first part of the plan and now I will start my second part of the plan

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