Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 19 November 2020 Written Update : Sai reacted normally to Virat

At the beginning of the episode, Karishma and Ashwini say Mansi will be ok. Shivani asks Mansi what you want to know. Mansi asks about Samrat Shivani asks her to pick up a card and tell about Samrat. Bhavani advises us to ask the way from people who can see, not from blind people. Shivani looks at the card and says it’s a card of power. I can recline, but my tickets never lie.

Usha Moshi induces tea for Virat. Ninad questions how you know about Samrat? Virat remembers Pakhi telling him about Samrat. Ninad says Sunny might have perceived you. Virat tells Ninad, you told me that a soldier protected your life. I had a related occurrence in my life. Virat says Kamal took the bullet that was supposed to hit me and starts screaming. He says Kamal sir took a commitment from me.

Ninad shows him always to listen to your mind. I assume your judgment, fulfill your insurance; it is your responsibility. The doctor says Sai is ok but only because of you. You can reach her one by one now. Mansi drew a card and Shivani and said it is a card of power, but in certainty, Shivani prevailed it was the risk card. Virat goes to see Sai. There was blood on her brow like sindoor. He tries to liquidate it. Virat asked her why she did that. Sai tells I thought you might be gone by now. If I knew you would do something like this, I would have never left you solely. He provides water to Sai as she starts choking and helps her rest back.

Virat says I knew Kamal sir was your whole world. Don’t forget, Kamal sir wanted to see you satisfied to become a doctor. You have to continue to perform his desire. Virat says, I want you to become a strong doctor. Do you remember how happy your father was when you truncated 12? Just believe how glad he will be when you become a doctor.

Virat says I never wanted to insult you. I am sorry. Sai says I am sad you couldn’t go to Nagpur because of me. Virat replies, I will go tomorrow. He asks her to assure that she won’t think of anything crazy like self-destruction again. Sai advises you to go to Nagpur, your best friend Pakhi might be waiting for you. Virat says she is also my brother’s wife. Sai asks him to leave. Virat says, if you hate me, I will not stay here and went off.

Episode end

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