Anupamma 19 November 2020 Written Update : Rakhi catches Vanraj and Kavya

At the beginning of the episode, Anupama comes with sports shoes while Nandani arrives with Yoga Mats and says that she is ready to teach them Yoga. Vanraj comes. He asks if this the new fashion that someone is wearing shoes with the saree. Hansmukh says this is the pace with the rites. Vanraj taunts Anupama, saying that she should not fall with this pace, so be careful. Samar says that a person fallen on the ground can get up, but fallen from sight will never. Anupama says falling is not a bad thing. Not getting up after a fall is a bad thing.

Next, Nandani teaches Yoga to everyone. Hansmuk gets tired after a while. Samar takes him to drink coconut water. Nandni asks Anupama if she is tired. Anupama refuses. Nandni asks her to meditate. Anupama closes her eyes, but she remembers the deception of Vanraj and starts having trouble breathing. Nandni handles her and asks to become strong. Samar brings coconut water for everyone. Anupama then asks what the time is. Nandni says it is 8 o’clock. Anupama leaves for home.

Anupama meets Vanraj on the way and says that she knows that he is going out to make Kavya’s birthday. Vanraj says that it is good that he will not have to see Anupama’s face. Next, Rakhi and Kinjal arrive. Rakhi asks about Vanraj. Leela says he has gone out of work. Anupama talks about marriage to Rakhi. Whom Rakhi avoids. Rakhi says she wants to know them more so that no bad news comes to her after marriage. A fight ensues between Leela and Rakhi, which Anupama pacifies.

Rakhi says she is going out for a few days so that she will talk about marriage later. Anupama thinks that Rakhi should not mess something up. Vanraj and Kavya come to the resort where Rakhi is also present and sees them. She thinks of taking advantage of it.

Anupama is going to Vanraj’s room, and she remembers the old scene. There Vanraj and Kavya share a romantic moment. Anupama takes her clothes from the wardrobe and is sad to remember some old things. Kavya gives a t-shirt to Vanraj.

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