Shaadi Mubarak 19 November 2020 Written Update : KT tells his sad story to Preeti

At the beginning of the episode, KT sees beads sehra and asks Preeti why this one. Preeti says because Arjun’s mother said that her husband is allergic to flowers. He gives it back to Preeti. While that sehra falls from Preeti’s hand. KT scolds her and asks if she can’t even handle a sehra.

Preeti is shocked by KT’s behavior and asks why he is irritated. KT says he is suffocated because of this project. There, Priyanka talks to her fiance and says that she will come after taking her mother’s permission. She asks Kusum if she can go out with her fiance. Kusum gives her permission.

KT tells Preeti about the past. He gives her information related to Nandni and says that he felt very sad when she left him. Nandni likes a pitcher and wants to buy it. But the shopkeeper says that this matka has been sold. Kusum comes to get Matka. Nandni asks Kusum to buy another one. Kusum refuses then Nandni deliberately breaks the matka. Kusum takes her picture and thinks that she will find this woman in any corner of the world.

KT tells Preeti that he did not see anything ahead of Nandni. Because he loved her very much. But Nandni betrayed him and left him. He tells her the whole story of how Nandni left him on their second anniversary. And leaving a note that she does not love him, so she wants to go with her lover. Preeti cries after hearing his story.

Preeti apologizes to KT and says that she did not know all this. KT says Preeti should have believed him. She should have known why he hid all this from her. He says that he is very suffocated by the name Nandni, so he is still upset. Preeti goes to fetch water for him, and she notices Nandni’s photo in a wallet. KT tells her this is Nandni.

Nandni tells Arjun that he has to make happy Neelima first because she is so close to KT. Arjun says, yes. Preeti comes. Arjun and Nandni ask him about KT. Preeti says that from now on, she will handle this project. There, KT arrives at his house. Neelima asks how did he come home early. KT remembers how he told Preeti that he was upset with this untranslated marriage. So Preeti asks him to rest. Arjun deliberately put glass bolls it in the way of Preeti, and Preeti falls.

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