Yeh Hain Chahtein 19 November 2020 Written Update : Preesha came across the strange lady

At the beginning of the episode, Yuvraj tried to manipulate Preesha by telling her that Rudkraksh has done wrong to him this time. Preesha ignored his words went off from there. Yuvraj doubts something has happened; that’s why Rudkraksh has left her behind alone. Yuvraj thought of sharing about the strange lady, but at last, he thought of enjoying without informing her.

Preesha arrived in Delhi and thought of calling Ruskra, but his phone was low on battery. Rudkraksh was also coming to the airport. Preesha met Yuvraj at the airport and told Preesha to go with him in his taxi. Preesha objected, but Yuvraj convinced her how to take Preesha with her. Rudkraksh arrived and searched for Preesha, he saw her at some distance, but until he stopped her, she went off with Rudkraksh.

Ahana was very happy and told Mishka that this Diwali is the best Diwali for her. And said that Saransh would be out of this house this time. Rudkraksh was following Preesha and Yuvraj. Yuvraj again manipulated that Rudkraksh is careless about her. Preesha got angry and told the driver to stop the car, but Yuvraj muted himself and told Preesha to calm down. Rudkraksh was shouting at his driver to drive fast. Ahana told Saransh that she has a surprise for him.

Ahana gave crackers and told him to go out and burst crackers. Rudkraksh car overtook Yuvraj’s car, and Rukdkrash came out of his car and started beating him. Yuvraj thought of having a look at Khuranas’s house before leaving. Preesha started asking Rudkraksh that why he left him behind. Rudkraksh was feeling hesitant to tell him; suddenly, Saransh came and hugged her and said to her that he surprised her. Rudkraksh objected and told him to go for a while.

Saransh started pulling Saransh, and Rukdkrash also started pulling her. Rudkraksh thought of stopping Preesha. Saransh was taking her inside, but Rukdkrash also held her hand, and suddenly Saransh muffled, and the strange lady balanced him. Preesha saw the stranger lady and gets shocked. Yuvraj was peeping from the main gate. Preesha recalled the last moment of her

Episode end

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