Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19 November 2020 Written Update : Kairav spills the truth

At the beginning of the episode, Kairav ram away from there. Naira was worried and thought of clearing everything. Kartik went to Vansh to talk to him about his shifting to Bombay. Vansh was telling Kairav that he was going to another city. Kairav told him not to go, but Vansh said he would call him every day.

Naira came to Kairav, said sorry to him, and convinced him to share everything with him. At last, Kairav shared everything thing about the gun incident and sorry to Naira. Gayu told Naira to scold him not to spoil them by loving them. Gayu insisted Naira scold him. Naira started scolding him loudly, and Kairav started crying suddenly. Kartik came and stopped Naira from shouting. Gayi told Kartik to hear Naira for a while before reacting. Kartik calmed down both of them and told Kairav to go out and play.

Gayu objected and told Kartik that he should not leave him like this. Dadi told Gayu to speak such things. Gayu told what if Vansh would have done this. Dadi told Manish that Kairav is becoming notorious day by day. Manish blamed Kartik and Naira for that. Sharadha said to relax and said to both of them that Naira is mature enough.

Kairav went out with Vansh and told her about how Naira shouted at her. Vansh told Kairav to complete the second challenge by jumping on the mattress, but the video will hide the mattress Kairav was a little scared to do anything further. Kartik convinces Niara to be a little soft towards Kairav and allows him to share everything. Manish was telling Kartik about Naira, but Kartik did not listen and said that he has many things to fix; he will talk about this later.

Gayu came to Naira and told her that she asked Vansh about the incident, and he told her Kairav planned everything. Gayu told Naira that Kairav is now out of control. and Naira gets tensed and start thinking of it in her mind

Episodes end

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