Shakti 18 November 2020 Written Update : Parmeet wants to know the truth behind incomplete marriage

Early in the episode, Gurminder comes to Heer and asks her about her health condition. She notices the bottle in Heer’s hand and asks what is it. Heer tells it is cannabis and thinks who can do this work.

Heer goes to her room. Virat asks her if she is okay. Heer says yes. She shows him a bottle of cannabis and asks he gave her a drink last night, did he add drugs to her drink. Virat denies it. Heer ask her to have her cuss. There, Parmeet asks Heer to cook. Heer is waiting for her answer. Virat says Parmeet is calling her. Heer asks him to tell her the truth. Virat accepts that he did it because Preeto said.

Heer says he let her be insulted because of Preeto. Heer is sad and says that she never think that Virat can do something like this. She reminds him of the promise he made to her. Virat apologizes. Heer asks him why he did this. Virat asks him to forget the past. Heer says she can’t forget. Virat gets angry and asks her to release his hand. Heer refuses. Everyone gathers.

Heer asks Virat to tell everyone about his actions. Virat tells the truth to everyone and leaves. Parmeet wants to know the truth behind incomplete marriage. Virat meets Harak and Preeto. Virat says that he will never let Preeto’s condition to be fulfilled. Heer hears their words and decides that she will fight against Harak, Preeto and Virat. At night, Heer tells Virat to eat food. Virat says she should also eat. Heer denies it.

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