Barrister babu 18 November 2020 written update :Bondita feels blessed

At the beginning of the episode, Bondita is happy to see Gandhiji and hides from him. The teacher thinks it would be good if Gandhiji talks about the friendship between British and Indian. The principal asked Gandhiji to choose a student for a debate competition.

Gandhiji calls Bondita. Batuk thinks what Bondita will do now. Bondita touches Gandhi’s feet. He blesses her. Gandhiji ask her to say something about women. Bondita gets nervous. Another man says that he will not accept girls like Heera Mandi. Because they are a sinner. Anirudh asks him to pick up stones and throw at them if they feels that they have made no mistake. Nobody does that. Anirudh begs them to let the girls live in peace. He says that they built the market of Heer Mandi and convicts these girls who do not even want to live in that hell-like place. And when they wants to live with respect, then people have a problem with this.

Bondita tells Gandhiji that she is getting nervous. Gandhi tries to instill confidence and says she does not need to be afraid because she has the courage. Trilochan and Binoy wait for foreigners but they are late. Trilochan gets angry. Binoy tells him to keep calm. Gandhi ji encourages Bondita. And ask her to power up inside herself.

Suraiya and Ramya tell Anirudh that she wants to get away from here so that his burden is light. Anirudh tells him not to talk like this and says that he will fix everything. Gandhiji teaches children that they should fight for justice. And even without violence. He explains to Bondita and others that they should fight till they get their rights. All clap for him. Bondita is happy to meet him.

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