Ishq Mein Marjawan2 18 November 2020 Written Update : Riddhima finds out Kabir’s face

Early in the episode, Riddhima comes to know what is Kabir’s plan and confronts him. Kabir says that he did not know that she would know his truth so soon, but now she cannot spoil anything because he is a player of this game. And has been making him a fool since the beginning. Riddhima realizes that he was playing the game from the very beginning. Kabir says he hates Vansh because Anupriya left him for him. But there was no weakness of Vansh, so he brought Riddhima into his life.

He tells Riddhima that he took advantage of her by fooling her. He administered false love, and Riddhima fell into his trap and was ready to give up her life for him. Riddhima asks if his love was a show. He says yes. Riddhima asks if he deliberately made Vansh evil in her eyes. He says yes and says that Vansh also didn’t kill Neha and Sathya. Riddhima says she made a mistake by believing in him. Kabir says that her mistake is to hand him over to Ragini. He tells that he killed Ragini.

Riddhima wonders if Kabir is related to the death of the mother of Vansh, but then her suspicion goes to Anupriya. Anupriya comes and says yes, she did it. She says that she injured Siya also. Riddhima wants to tell this truth to everyone, but Kabir pushes her into the pool. Riddhima comes out of the pool and says that she will save her family. Kabir says, but he has evidence against her.

Riddhima says she doesn’t mind these things; she only wants her family safe. Kabir gives her the shock and says, what will happen if such a shock Ishani get. She tries to go to Ishani’s room to warn her, but Ishani calls her crazy. Kabir tells Riddhima that he was just joking.

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