Choti Sarrdaarni 18 November 2020 Written Update : Vikram felt guilty for Aditi

At the beginning of the episode, Manav gives an example to Sarabjeet to explain that the sufferer knows the real pain and the rest of the world makes fun of it. Manav said that life had kicked him many times, so he has become a stone-hearted man. Manav told Sarbajeet to feel his pain and challenged him that he will take back his son. Then Manav went off with his mother.

Meher was struggling with her earning, and suddenly Sarabjeet came and helped her with that. Meher asked Sarabjeet that what Manav was telling him. Saebajeet said that we would discuss these things afterward, first remove all the tensions from your head. Sarabjeet acted of picking tension from Meher’s head and throw out of the window. Saebajeet told Meher to enjoy the present day rather than thinking about the future. Sarabjeet says Meher to be positive in life, and it also affects the child. Saebajeet praised Meher’s smile and hugged her. Meher thanked Sarabjeet for being in her life.

Manav was sitting in a room and remembering Karan and crying for her, suddenly Aditi came, and Manav played down and acted of sleeping. Kulwant came to Jeeto and told them to return the gift and gave the reason for not mentioning her on status. Gini told Kulwant it would look weird that Amrita will not post anything.

Harleen was calling Robbie, but he was not picking her call Harleen got worried. Param came and explained his experiment as he got good scores. she was about to lift him but got in pain and shouted in pain. Sarabjeet and Meher come to see her, and Meher treats her and says that she has done this before. Sarabjeet and Meher bet each other.

Harllen praised her and said no one could say that Meher is Kulwant’s daughter as both are opposite to each other. Kulwant was Searching for a necklace in the Amrita cupboard, and she found it then she thought that why she was lying to him. There Amrita says to someone that she lied to Kulwant about the necklace, and in this conversation, Kulwant heard secretly and thou of investigating that whom she is giving the necklace.

Aditi asks Vikram that why he told her about divorce to Sarabjeetm Vikram turned down her question by saying her to feed medicine to mom. Vikram’s mother stopped her and asked her the reason for speakings such a nuisance. Aditi overhears and leaves from there. Vikram felt guilty for her and cries. Aditi thought of talking.

Episode end

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