Qurbaan Hua 19 November 2020 Written Update : Chahat find a treatment for Neel

At the beginning of the episode, Vyas Ji grasped Alekh’s collar, shouted at him, and asked him why he did so. Vyas Ji told Alekh that he is after all his money from so many years. Alekh told Vyas Ji to wait for a while as he wanted to show something to him. Alekh brought a book of Vyas Ji from which he took out a paper and told Vyas Ji that he has written in this that he wanted to take Neel’s test that how he handles the situation. Godambhari also supported Alekh and said that Alekh had shared this with her too. Chahat came forward and said what kind of test was it in which Vyas Ji lost his respect, Godhmbari interpreted, but Vyas Ji showed her his big eyes and muted her. Alekh sat down by joining his hand and was sorry for everything. Chahat was shouting at Alek for teasing Neel at her vulnerable situation. Alek thought that only he knows that Chahat is not that girl whom Neel wanted to marry.

Chahat and Neel came to their room Chahat were angry with Alekh and willing to go and shout at him, but Neel stopped her and told her that he has never seen her in such aggression. Chahat said in a shy voice that Neel had saved his life, that’s why Neel has become his favorite person. Neel told Chahat that she is looking like a witch of Udaipur Chahat started beating Neel with the stick.

Godhmbari and Naveli came to Alekh and told him that she was scared and thought that Vyas Ji would today throw him out of the house. Alekh said no one could throw him out and said that he was aware that Chahat would do something; that’s why he put that note in Vyas Ji’s book. Godhmbari told Parmukh to do something of Chahat until she does anything.

Chahat was searching on the internet for Neel’s recovery process, then she went To Vyas Ji and asked him about the flower which is rarely found and through which Neel can recover soon. Vyas Ji said that he has seemed eager in Chahat eyes to fix Neel’s injury, and it is a sign of true love, and she will surely get that flower.

Chahat was trying to pluck that flower, but it was difficult, and she fell many times, but she was not stopping. Neel was asking for Chahat to Godhmbhari. Suddenly, Alekh came with Kripa and told her that Kripa is sneezing. Neel gave a solution to that. Alekh asked Neel that is he angry with him. Neel replied that he can forget the gold coins incident but how he can forget that you were about to marry Chahat. Alekh tells Godhmbari that very soon, we have to throw Neel out of this house.

Neel saw his past pictures and gets offended and break all the portraits. Neel calls himself a demo. After many attempts, Chahal got the flower and feels lucky to have and pray to god for his long company with Neel. There Neel was also feeling guilty for Chahat and thought of spending his whole life with Chahat. Alekh went to bring the honey for Kripa and found no men at work.

Chahat plucked two flowers and went home, and there Alek was surrounded by the bees. Chahat came and applied the paste on Neelst face.

Episode end

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