Kumkum bhagya 19 November 2020 Written Update :Riya forgive Pargya

At the beginning of the episode Ranbir is running after Sanju . Sanju asks him to leave him. Ranbir catches him. But Sanju escapes. Prachi calls Ranbir. He picks up her phone. Prachi asks him where he is. Ranbir tells that he has come out from home for some work. Prachi says she was going home. Ranbir says that he will drop her. Prachi informs that Sarita and Sahana are also with her. Ranbir says that he will also drop them. He disconnects the phone

Riya is crying. And remembers the bitter words of Pragya. Pragya comes to her. Riya is sad to see her and walks away from her. Ranbir leaves Prachi and others at home. Sarita takes Sahana inside. Prachi ask Ranbir if he is upset. Ranbir says no. Ranbir gets a call from someone, he picks up the call while Prachi goes inside the house. Ranbir is saddened to think that Prachi did not even invite him. Sarita and Sahana inform Prachi that Pragya is not at home. Prachi thinks then why Riya lied. Sarita asks Prachi where Ranbir is. She asks Sahana to invite Ranbir.

Sahana goes to Ranbir and asks him to come inside the house but Ranbir refuses. Then Prachi comes and asks Ranbir if he won’t come inside. Ranbir says that he will definitely come. Suhana gets shocked and says that she should also speak sweet like Prachi so that people will listen to her. There Pragya apologizes to Riya while Riya tries to get away from her and says that Pragya no longer needs to show her false love.

Abhi asks God to get Riya Pragya closer so that they should be live happy together. Dadi comes to Abhi and says that God will definitely fulfill his wish. There Riya accuses Pragya that she has thrown her away. She remembered her on every birthday. Pragya says that she used to make cupcakes for her and also used to buy gifts for her which she still keep with hee. She says that someone told her that she hates her so she did not come to her. Riya hugs Pragya and says that she missed her a lot. Aaliya is sad to hear their words.

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