Kundali bhagya 19 November 2020 Written Update :Kareena and Dadi scolds Mahira

At the beginning of the episode, Mahira is angry as to why no one considers her a daughter-in-law. She thinks that now grandmother is also taking care of Preeta. May it not be that Karan too becomes Preeta’s. That’s when Karan comes there. Mahira notices him and tries to get closer to him. Karan walks away from her. Karan says that she was too close to him which made him uncomfortable.

Mahira says that she can come closer because they are husband and wife. Karan thinks that he wants to scream that she should go away from him and does not come near to him but cannot say aa she can hurt herself again in madness. Karan tells Mahira that this is not right and also he does not want Mahira to feel that he is taking advantage of her. He leaves. While Mahira promises that very soon Karan will become her.

Further, Mahira feels hungry and goes to Sherlyn. She tells her that she is feeling very hungry. Sherlyn says but she is on fast. Mahira says things like fasting are hypocritical and she does not believe in all this. And talking about Karan, very soon she will get him too. Sherlyn says they should go to the kitchen and eat something. Both go towards the kitchen.

There Rishabh is thinking about Sherlyn. While Karan and Sameer are playing with the ball which goes to Rishabh. Rishabh’s thoughts are disturbed. He scolds Karan and Sameer, but later he feels bad then he says sorry to them. Rishabh remembers Sameer’s condition in which they bet Karan must have been worried about Preeta. Rishabh asks Karan about Preeta to check if he us worried or not. Karan tells Rishabh that he is coming in a while. Rishabh says where he is going, Karan gives no answer and leaves from there in a hurry. He goes to Preeta, who is suffering from stomach pain. Karan asks Preeta to rest and asks her to eat something. Preeta says that she will not break her fast at any cost.

Then Sarla’s phone comes to her. She asks her about her health. She says she is fine. Next Mahira is looking for something to eat in the kitchen. Giris comes there and Mahira asks him where is the food. Giris tells that the food is in the fridge. Mahira takes paratha out of the fridge and is about to eat, when Dadi and Kareena arrive. They are shocked to see her and scolds her for a false vow.

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