Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 21 November 2020 Written Update : Sai questions Virat

At the beginning of the episode, Sai was near the lake to shed Kamal’s bones into the river. Sai was crying and feeling very sad. Usha and Sai sat there and were watching the lakeside. Milind came over there and informed that Virat agreed to marry Sai, but Usha told Sai has refused to marry her; suddenly, Sai came and asked them about what they are talking about. Sai get to know that they are talking about their marriage and shout’s at them for having such a discussion here.

Everyone told Sai that Virat would take care of her and help her to fulfill her dream. Usha said to us that we have to leave the government house after Kamal. Sai cried and told her she would stay with Usha, but she said she could not remain with jer for so long as she needs any partner. Sai loudly told them she will not marry Virat and went from there.

Virat called officials to look into Samrat’s matter, and suddenly Sai came over there and told him that she did not want to marry her. Virat sat down and said to me that this decision is not of his all alone everyone wan that I should take care of her.

Virat told everyone wants to see you happy, so they have decided. Sair requested Virat to deny the marriage proposal. Sai told she would help him to run from here and she will handle everyone. Virat told me I decide to marry you. And told I could not reply to your every question. Sai says if today Kamal would be there, no one can force her for marriage. Virat says sometimes we have to do according to the situation.

Virat says it’s his responsibility to take care of her as he has promise Kamal sir. Sai joined her hand and requested him to deny this marriage and go back to Nagpur as she can not say anything to anyone. Virat says he wants to marry her. Sai says what about Pakhi what she will feel. Virat recalled his words, which he said to Pakhi, but Virat says he will only do his responsibility.

Usha called Virat and said Sai is missing, but Virat informed her that Sai is with her and brings her there. While returning, Sai asked Virat that what he will reply to Pakhi, but Virat changed the topic.

Virat said it’s very important to complete his responsibility, but he will never be like his husband and told her not to expect anything. Virat says there will be no boundaries as she can go after her studies. Sai said now also it’s not too late for breaking one relationship for another. Virat stopped his car and saw Sai.

Episode end

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