Shaadi Mubarak 21 November 2020 Written Update : Arjun meets Neelima

At the beginning of the episode, KT and Arjun are talking about marriage. Nandni sees them and smiles. Her veil comes up from the fan air, and she manages it. KT finds it strange. Nandni believes that KT will be hers very soon. There Preeti and Kusum are trying to find things about Nandani. Kusum tells Preeti that she saw a dress bag in Nandni’s hand that can lead them to reach her. She tells her the name of the shop. They find stores number from Google and finds out things by calling. Preeti tells that Nandani will come to that shop at 5 pm. While Nandni is ready to go there.

Neil comes to KT’s house. Neil is the one who hit Priyanka. KT hugs Neil. They call each other Bb, which means big brother and baby brother. Neil asks KT for her plow trick and says that he missed him a lot. Then Arjun calls KT. He says that he has bloated because of overeating, and now all he has to do is go to the bathroom, but he is out of his hotel. He asks him to give him some ideas. KT finds that Arjun is near his house, and he calls him to his house. Arjun is happy, and he gives this news to Nandni.

Priyanka comes home. Kusum asks her, is she okay? Priyanka says yes and hides the real thing. Kusum prays that this marriage be successful. Priyanka believes that this marriage is necessary for Kusum, so it would be better not to describe today’s incident. Arjun comes to KT’s house. Kusum and Preeti find Nandani. Kusum is angry with Nandani. Preeti groans in pain due to her injury.

There Arjun touches the foot of Neelima. Neelima is impressed. She asks who gave him these rites. He says to his mother. He asks if he can call her a grandmother. Neelima agrees. He invites her to the wedding and asks him to pray that his father agrees to the marriage. Nandni sees Kusum and Preeti and tries to hide from them but fails. Kusum is annoyed at Nandani. Nandni gives her money so that she forgets the past. Kusum does not like this thing.

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