Anupamma 21 November 2020 Written Update : Hanshmuk and Lila doubt Rakhi’s goodness

The episode begins with Anupama and her family riding a minibus and having fun. Dolly remembers Vanraj. Hansmuk asks when did they last enjoy it like this. Anupama said eight years ago. Leela remembers that Vanraj was still not with them at that time. Anupama thinks because he has been with Kavya ever since. She is sad. There, Rakhi laughs that she did not wait for her procession so much that she is waiting for the family of Vanraj. Anupama and others have reached the resort. Rakhi welcomes them. Anupama sees that the boys and girls are getting very close to each other in the resort, making Hansmukh and Leela uncomfortable. Further, Rakhi says that she will make their trip memorable.

Rakhi says that they should go towards the pool. Anupama denies it. Rakhi asks the reason for this. She explains that this may cause trouble to Babuji and Leela. Rakhi thinks that she will bring Vanraj’s truth in any other way.

Kinjal tells Rakhi that she gave her happiness by honoring her in-laws. She thanks her. And hopes that Rakhi does not mess something up. Vanraj reads Anupama’s message. He calls Anupama and taunts her. Anupama says that the whole family has come to the resort at the invitation of Rakhi. Rakhi interrupts Anupama to talk to Vanraj. Leela is happy to see the room of the resort.

Hansmuk and Leela do not understand that why Rakhi is treating them well. There, Nandani Kinjal shares a room. Nandni says that if Kinjal wishes to meet Paritosh, she will give them space. Kinjal teases Nandani with Samar’s name.

Samar is happy that Nandani comes with him for a picnic. Rakhi shows Anupama her room, which is quite beautiful. Anupama is impressed to see a nice room, but she notices Vanraj’s voice. She wants to find out that this is not Vanraj. She goes to the room where the voice is coming from and knocks on the door of that room. Kavya walks towards the door.

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