Nagin 5 21 November 2020 written update – Veer locks Bani

At the beginning of the episode, Jai asks Meera to have drinks with him, but Meera refuses. Bani tells Veer that he should focus on other people instead of Jai because Jai can never harm her. Jai expresses the desire to dance. Bani tries to identify the enemy through dance. Jai suspects Bani’s act and recognizes her plan.

Bani reaches Jai. He takes her to the shore. Veer chases them. Bani asks Jai why he brought her to the side. Jai says that today is the half-moon night, and he does not want any threat to Bani. Veer further asks about his mother. Ritu tells that she is with Meera. Bani’s body starts burning. She sees an animal that takes a human form. Bani is shocked to see Veer’s mother.

Veer asks Meera about her mother. Meera says she has no idea where her mother is. Bani asks who she is. The markat says that her enemy wants to eliminate her. They fight. Veer comes there. Her mother pretends as if she is hurt. Veer takes his mother from there. Jai asks Bani what happened. Bani is confused about Veer’s mother. Jai offers to kill Veer and his mother. Veer asks Bani what she was doing.

Bani says she was protecting herself because her mother is Markat. Veer does not believe her. She tells Veer that Markat and Jai are in one spot and want to kill her. She asks for Veer’s support. After a while, Veer sees Bani with Jai and thinks that Bani is playing a game with him. He closes Bani in a glass box.

He tells Jai to be in front of his eyes. Bani asks him to unlock her. Meera tries to help her. Tapesh stops her. Jai wants to liberate Bani but fails. Because Pankaj and Daksha catch him. Bani accused Veer’s mother. Veer’s mother plays the victim card. Daksha locks Jai. Markat and Jai plan to kill Bani.

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