Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 21st February 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

The impending episode of Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein sequential 21st December 2023 beginnings with Saavi advising Isha that she will attempt to converse with Ishaan and will let him know that anything he has done is for a long term benefit. I did it with honest goals yet things went crazy

She was unable to deal with it by any stretch of the imagination and in the wake of going out, Savi is seen going towards the school and Karva feels extremely humiliated subsequent to seeing her discussing Ishaan and his whole family in the school. is occurring while meanwhile it is shown

Ishaan was sitting in his lodge drinking espresso when unexpectedly Savi comes and she thumps on the entryway and when Ishaan opens the entryway and sees Savi, he goes off the deep end with outrage and thumps on the espresso mug. He gets it and tosses it down on the floor

He is seen hauling Savi out of his room tosses him out and arranges the safety officers not to permit anybody inside subsequent to being informed that he was given passage by him. Ishaan promptly calls the security staff.

Also, educates them that on the off chance that Savi at any point attempts to come inside once more, totally don’t allow him to come inside in any capacity, and on the off chance that he attempts more, contact the police while it is shown and the present episode closes here. goes while will see

How will Savi get once more into Ishaan’s approval? Will he be companions with Savi once more? Will Shantanu’s forecast materialize and will Ishaan return to Isha?

This thing will be accessible to observe further. For the present, there is no particular data about it accessible to watch. Numerous things will be uncovered in the forthcoming episode. Until further notice, the present episode is accessible right now. You can utilize to watch. Aside from this, it is likewise communicated on the Star In addition to Television slot, so you will actually want to watch from that point as well.

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