Yeh Hain Chahatein 21st February 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Micky calls Arjun and tells that he saw Aman a few seconds ago, and requests that he leave all that and come there. Arjun inquires as to whether he is certain? Micky says OK and requests that he come there, says he will send the area. Arjun lets Sushma know that her mom needs her and calling her, and inquires as to whether she can return home for at some point. Sushma asks Medical attendant/Arjun to go. Arjun requests that she hold hot sack despite her good faith. Nurture lets Instructor know that she can’t comprehend what has befallen him and requests that she call his mom to realize what has befallen him. Educator says for what reason did his mom send him to school in this condition. She calls Mahima, yet her call doesn’t associate. Karun requests that Instructor call Kashvi aunt and says she will come right away. Educator calls Kashvi. Kashvi picks the call and inquires as to whether Karun is fine. Educator tells her that Karun is unwell and requests that she come there.


Arjun comes to the bar and gets some information about Aman. Micky takes him inside, yet Aman isn’t there. Arjun asks where is Micky? Micky says I emerged to pick you and tells that he should be still here, as I was on the entryway. All at once they see Aman leaving and Arjun calls him. Aman runs out. Arjun tosses glass bottle on his head and Aman stops as he gets injured. Kashvi arrives at the school and comes to be aware from the instructor that Karun’s folks are inaccessible, and that is the reason she needs to call her. Nurture says this isn’t standard fever and she can’t give any medication to him which could demolish his condition, and that is the reason they called her. Kashvi inquires as to whether the medication isn’t concerned with her. Karun says Mamma was occupied so she didn’t have any significant bearing medication. Kashvi figures how might Mahima be so indiscreet, he has such a high fever and sensitivity, and Mahima doesn’t have any idea. She calls Mahima. Mahima is playing a game of cards with her companions and winning. She figures she will not ruin her mind-set seeing Kashvi’s telephone. Kashvi then calls Arjun, however his telephone is off. Arjun and Aman miss Aman as the van goes from their front.

Kashvi figures what to do, and figures she can’t burn through the time. She requests that educator let her take Karun to specialist before his condition decays. Instructor tells that they can’t let her take him without his folks’ consent. Kashvi says she will sign, as they probably are aware she is a common help official and his Maasi as well. Instructor lets her take Karun with her. Arjun and Micky find then, at that point, glass piece with Aman’s blood. They go. Aman concealed in the dustbin with impeccable timing.

Specialist checks Karun and says he told obviously to apply the salve, and says they didn’t have any significant bearing medication on his rashes, and says this is occurring because of guardians’ carelessness. He requests that Attendant clean her rashes with warm water and apply medication to his body. He gives him infusion. Kashvi really focuses on Karun. Later Specialist checks and says now his fever and rashes are brought down. Kashvi inquires as to for what reason did this happen to him. Specialist says this may be because of food consumption, air contamination or hereditary removal. He says this sensitivity is hereditary and to be aware of this, he needs to read up his qualities and for that he really wants his folks’ examples. Kashvi says I will bring the DNA test and says then we will be aware, in view of his dad or mom, this thing is going on.

Arjun comes to Aditya’s home and sees Adi. He thinks Adi is Aman and Aman is Adi. He remembers to check in the event that injury is his responsibility. He gives him water. Adi gets some information about Kashvi. Arjun says she didn’t have the foggiest idea. He goes behind him and checks, and doesn’t see injury. He assumes he is Aditya. The orange tumbles down from Arjun’s saree. He diverts Adi saying his hair helped her to remember her sweetheart. Adi sees orange. Arjun concocts a story. He remembers to return home and be with Karun in night atleast. He figures what to do. Adi thinks Sunaina isn’t correct and he will not be here. He is going to leave. Arjun/Medical attendant inquires as to whether she can go to her Mummy, as she is unwell. Adi requests that he go now itself.

Kashvi carries Karun to Arjun’s home. She inquires as to for what reason did you go to class when you are unwell. Micky brings sandwich and requests that he eat. He says it is great that Kashvi called him. He goes. Kashvi remembers to take Mahima’s hair and provide for Specialist. She takes hair test from the brush. Arjun gets back home. Karun inquires as to for what reason didn’t you come to school and says educator called you ordinarily. Arjun says sorry and says my telephone had broken, and I didn’t call thinking your Mamma is with you. Karun says Kashvi aunt saved me and requests that he say thanks to her. Arjun expresses gratitude toward Kashvi for saving Karun and inquires as to whether moms are this way, she could do without Karun. Kashvi inquires as to whether fathers are this way.

Precap: Arjun advises Micky that he should be with Kashvi as Adi went to hyderabad. Sushma requests that Arjun call his mom here. Kashvi defies Mahima and tells that her DNA isn’t coordinating with Karun.

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