Pandya Store 21st February 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

The episode begins with Hetal telling that they ought to pull out their names from rivalry as they can’t wear swimming ensemble anyway , Natasha advises them to oversee as this is important to help Amrish out of his emergency. Chirag says Bhavin that he needed to get estimation of all sacks so he will tell it. However, Bhavin requests that he pick Golu and goes for another work. Chirag is going to go when he gets call illuminating that media has arrived at building site so he leaves swiftly. Isha sees Natasha in the excellence event and attempts to conceal herself.

Natasha tracks down Isha and goes to her. She inquires as to why Isha is stowing away. Isha tells she is partaking in the excellence show so she was stowing away since, supposing that Makwanas find this they will stop her. Natasha says that Amrish has himself allowed every one of them to take part which shocks Isha. She feels hurt knowing how she was approached to take off from the house when she needed to do this before. Isha likewise tells Natasha that Yash is supporting her yet Suman doesn’t believe that she should be important for the opposition. She feels it’s being out of line with her.

Isha tells that her fantasy is being resided by her entire family yet for her to reside it she needed to remain outside house for quite a long time. Natasha tells her not to stress as she will mollify DaMa. Natasha and Isha come to Pandya house and tracks down Bhavin there. She defies him for being there. He frenzies and untruths that he came for work of shopping center. Natasha questions on the off chance that he is fine as he is perspiring abundantly. Bhavin tells he is totally fine and leaves rationalizing. Dhawal gets educated by his partner about their show coordinator and style originator.

The young lady enters cribbing about the spot being exceptionally decrepit and who will come to take part in such spot. Dhawal opens his shirt and gets on the stage demonstrating. She grins impressedly seeing Dhawal. Dhawal holds her hand and takes her to arrange. He hits the dance floor with her and calls himself a nearby kid. He says that when she seed excellence of the city she will be dazed. She is sorry and says she didn’t intend to hurt anybody. Dhawal gets requested that by her help herself. He consents to do as such in the wake of completing stage work.

Sesh carries nourishment for Suman and provides for Meethu. Natasha and Isha return home and bother Sesh. Meethu tells Natasha that Dama feels Chiku is involving Isha to get payback and has secured herself in room. Suman gets blissful seeing Natasha. The last option takes care of her and gets some information about what she has been talking about vengeance. Suman tells her she is certain Chiku has hitched Isha to get his payback from Amrish. Natasha says Amrish is claiming to be women’s activist now and says every one of the occurrences that has been going on. The episode closes with Suman requesting that Natasha determine what’s happening among her and Dhawal.


Natasha will let Hetal know that everything is arranged. She will carry a few young ladies and Shashank to magnificence expo and states that she needs to wear the bathing suit planned by them. The coordinator will fly off the handle and will request that Natasha quit. Dhawal looks on.

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