Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 25 November 2020 Written Update : Pakhi get shocked seeing Virat marriage

At the beginning of the episode, marriage proceedings were going on, and suddenly Vithal came and taunted Sai for marrying so early. Vithal said to welcome him as he is the powerful man of this village. Milind told Vithal to escape from here. Vithal said Virat that he was keeping a bad eye on Sai from long back. Virat shouted bat him, but Vithal said, him to stay silent. Virat ordered officers to remove Vithal from here within 3 seconds. Vithal warned them and said Virat would go from here, and after that, who will save them from him. Virat slapped him, and police arrested him and took him off.

Usha praised Virat for his boldness and saving Sai from the situation. The priest said, them to continue the proceedings. Suddenly Sunny reached the location and all them and thinking about what he was doing here. Virat made Sai wear Mangalsutra. Ashwini was worried about why Virat called Pakhi. Ashwini was and why Virat is not sharing his problem with his parents. Ashwini was sure that there is definitely a close relationship between Virat and Pakhi.

The priest said, Virat to fill Sindur in Sai’s forehead. Virat was thinking something. Usha said to him to hurry us as time is getting over. Sai recalled Kamal’s last words and. Filled her forehead with sindoor. Sunny and others were also moving upstairs. Sai thinks in her mind that she knows Virat is not willing to marry her. Suddenly Pakhi came saw Virat at the marriage proceedings and gets shocked. Sunny came near Virat and asked him about all this. Pakhi recalled all past moments when Virat said him about Sai. Virat and Sai stood to take seven rounds to complete the proceedings Pakhi was wired watching Virat’s face.

Usha gave blessings to Sai. Virat was about to go near Pakhi, but Usha stopped him and said them to take blessings of God. Pakhi was very shocked and Sad to see Virat marrying another girl.

Episode end

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