Shaadi Mubarak 25 November 2020 Written Update : K.T. to Accept Nandini?

At the beginning of the episode, KT removed the veil of Nandini. Arjun said; finally, Nandini’s wait is over. Nandini’s wish got completed. Kusum said Nandini is a destroyer. If she would come into KT’s life, she will destroy his life. Preeti said Nandini again lied to KT. she added because of her, KT is allergic to lies. Kusum said, why not these guys kick her off? Kusum said she would tell KT not to accept her again, but Preeti stopped her. Preeti said we have no rights to interrupt KT, let him take his own decision. Preeti told after many years, and his wife is in front of him if he wants to forgive, let him forgive; I just want him to be happy. Preeti stopped Kusum. KT’s father said KT had suffered a lot due to Nandini, so he will not allow Nandini to come into KT’s life again. Neelima stopped him. Neelima said, look at Arjun and said he is our grandson. Nandini said to KT, have you recognized me? I am your love.

KT said, love word is not meant for you; I don’t know why you came here. Nandini said she knows that she had made many mistakes, and she was also affected by their detachment, and she also knows that leaving KT was her biggest mistake. Kusum said the one who broke the trust once and can do it many times. Preeti said the worst moment of KT’s past is in front of him again, and he will be in pain. Preeti prays to God that KT will take the right decision. KT said, Nandini that she has no place in his life and ask her to leave him again. Nandini said she apologizes for whatever she has done. KT shouted at Nandini, why she returned after 17 years? Why not she come before to apologizing. Nandini said her methods might be wrong, but she is not lying again. KT asks Nandini to leave him again because he learns to live life without her. KT held Nandini’s hand and was taking her out of the garden. Arjun holds KT’s legs. Nandini said Arjun is his child, so he should not punish him. Arjun requests KT to apologize to Nandini and accept them.

Arjun requested Neelima that she should tell KT to accept Nandini. Arjun requests everyone to tell KT to accept them and reunite the family. Nandini asks KT to accept his child and her. KT told if Arjun is his child, why she has not come before. Nandini said when she gets to know that she is pregnant, she had contacted the whole family but was unable to reach them. Arjun said he missed KT a lot. Arjun said he missed KT every day, everyone has their family, but he doesn’t have. Arjun said when Nandini started telling him about the KT’s family, he uses to imagine them. Arjun asks KT to accept them, so their family will be complete. Nandini tells herself that KT will accept them due to Arjun, and they will live together again. Nandini asks KT to complete a father’s duty and accept his child. Kusum said Nandini is using Arjun to come into KT’s life. Preeti said whatever Nandini has done, but Arjun should not be punished as a son also requires a father’s love. Nandini said we would have a new start, forget the past. Arjun pleased KT to accept them and to complete their family. Arjun cried in front of Neelima ask her to tell KT to accept them. Neelima also cried for her grandson.

Neelima asks KT to accept them because of Arjun, KT’s father said this is wrong. Mrs. Goplani said they could not forget whatever Nandini has done. Kusum interrupted all, she said it is not right for her to talk in between family matters, but she will. Kusum said the one who broke the trust once and asked for apologies might easily break the trust again. Nandini says to herself, if media had come, then it will be easy for her. Media gathered at the arrival of the garden. Preeti told the press that a private party is going inside. The media reporter said they had been invited. Preeti ask who have invited them, the reporter said Nandini, who has come from Singapore with his child. Preeti and guards were trying to control the media. One of the media reporters ask Preeti who is she? and asked how she could stop them. Preeti said she is KT’s business partner and the organizer of this event to stop them. Preeti said if reporters would forcefully come in, she will call the police.

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