Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 2nd December 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

episode begins with Reeva crying miserably as she recalls Ishaan’s harsh words against her.

The following morning, Harini lets Savi know that she ought to have called her a while later as Vinayak and Bhavani would cause a situation.

In any case, Savi states that she’s mindful of Bhavani and Vinayak detesting her, adding that her adoration for Ninad is more.

Then again, Vinayak calls Bhavani and becomes more acquainted with from her that she is moving toward Pune.

Bhavani illuminates Ninad about them going to Pune for his treatment.

In the mean time, Vinayak admonishes Savi for coming to meet Ninad and attempts to lead her away effectively.

Notwithstanding, their transport containing Bhavani and Ninad shows up, causing Savi to release her wrist from Vinayak’s grasp after which she hurries to the transport.

At Marathe’s place, Swanand and Swati urge Reeva to proceed with her investigations.

Swati sees the wrecked jar and asks Reeva for what reason she’s clutching it driving Reeva to express that she needs to go along with it into pieces as vowed to Surekha.

Swanand gets some information about her examinations, making Reeva express that she’ll learn at the Bhosale Organization of Greatness.

This makes Swanand express that Ishaan has dismissed her however Reeva states that she can fix her relationship with Ishaan.

Outside, Bhavani sees Savi and requests that she avoid Ninad while requesting that Vinayak lead Ninad out of the transport.

Vinayak truly does as offered by Bhavani yet Ninad declines knowing him and calls Bhavani towards him.

Right away, Savi goes up the transport and meets Ninad, making him embrace Savi as he recalls her.

At Pune, Reeva lets her folks know that she will persuade Ishaan in any case and lets Swati know that she won’t Mumbai.

Swati requests that Swanand cause Reeva to comprehend not to over-indulge her life but rather Swanand states that Reeva’s moves are determined.

Reeva states that she’ll go to the Organization to educate as an associate teacher and that she’ll live in a level.

In the emergency clinic, Ninad goes with Vinayak to the specialist’s lodge reluctantly.

Harini asks Bhavani not to stress and expresses that Vinayak will do right by the family, dissimilar to Savi who took off from her wedding.

Afterward, Bhavani and Vinayak go to the specialist to learn about Ninad’s wellbeing when Savi comes in, sadly.

The specialist expresses that since Ninad’s Alzheimer’s state has become progressed, he really wants mind a medical procedure, adding to Chavan’s concern.

The clinical specialist expressed that the medical procedure cost would be from Rs 7 to Rs 17 Lakh adding that, just a single occupied specialist stays in Pune.

That’s what the specialist adds on the off chance that Ninad’s condition stays untreated, he could kick the bucket.

At the establishment, Ishaan obliterates the machines where Reeva had admitted her adoration frustratedly.

All at once, Savi’s two companions enter and illuminate Ishaan about the issues as Savi isn’t answering the call.

Nishikant as well, requests that Ishaan take care of the issue and leaves.

Afterward, Ishaan calls Savi who is in the middle of playing crossword with Ninad and she gets the telephone.

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