Pandya Store 2nd December 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

episode begins with Suman telling Cheeku and says that on the off chance that she is approached to forfeit her life for Natasha, she is prepared to give her life.

She likewise says that Natsah misunderstands not done anything as there would be some purpose for it that is the reason she has made such a stride.

Natasha cries while embracing her and mumbles that she can’t perceive Makhwana’s reality to Suman any other way her wellbeing will fall apart more.

Then, at that point, the total annihilating of Pandya’s store happens and Suman breaks into pieces while Natasha goes to express sorry to her yet Cheeku in the middle between.

Natasha requests that he see however he expresses that there isn’t any seeing left between them as she has grabbed their main kind of revenue.

Cheeku requests that she go from that point if not he will accomplish something wrong out of resentment so Natasha goes from that point and furtively watches everything from behind.

In the mean time, Dhawal comes running around there and finds Natasha remaining around there while she reviews how Dhawal took her marks by misdirecting her.

Munshi ji calls Amresh and the two of them salute one another though Amresh welcomes him and his entire family to lunch.

Dhawal additionally sees that the store is being annihilated and he loses his control and asks how made it happen yet Natasha removes him from that point.

Then again, Cart gets some information about Natasha then Hetal tells her that Natasha hasn’t as yet come as she may be caught up with romancing Dhawal.

In the mean time, Amresh comes there and requests that Hetal cook tasty nourishment for Cart’s family as today they are being welcomed by him for lunch.

Amba flies off the handle at him and inquires as to for what reason is he defying every one of the guidelines and guidelines that he made himself then he lets the entire family know that Cart’s dad at long last made it feasible for the Pandya store has be obliterated.

Everybody aside from Hetal and Pranali feels blissful while Hetal gets some information about this Natasha and Dhawal yet Chirag says that they will get to be familiar with it.

Amresh requests that Hetal center around preparing flavorful food not on Natasha though Natasha reproves Dhawal for misdirecting her and taking marks on the papers.

Then, at that point, Dhawal likewise chastens her for not believing him and faults all her times then she tells her that she endorsed on to the papers that Dhawal brought.

She additionally depicts Amresh as some unacceptable individual and faults him for everything except Dhawal requests that she quit expressing such things for his Amresh bhai.

Natasha says that his entire family is egotistical as they simply contemplate themselves just and she says that she can’t stand Dhawal.

From that point onward, Natasha becomes oblivious, and Dhawal frenzies and takes her to the emergency clinic for treatment yet she requests that he leave her.

He says that he will discuss this matter at home yet Natasha says that she has chosen to get independent from him.

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