Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 2nd March 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Savi gets back to emergency clinic with prasad and gets some information about Ishaan’s condition. Nurture says his vitals are typical, however on the off chance that he doesn’t recapture cognizance, his condition would be basic. Savi inquires as to whether she can meet him. Nurture says she can, yet ought to watch out. Surekha stops Savi. Savi says she performed Maha Mrityunjai jaap for Ishaan at a close by sanctuary and brought belpatra for him. Surekha cautions her to avoid Ishaan and not make more issues for him. Durva joins her and embarrasses Savi followed by Nishi. Savi gives belpatra to nurture and requests that she contact it to Ishaan’s eyes. Ishaan recover awareness once nurture does that. She illuminates specialist. Family races into Ishaan’s room. Reeva goes along with them. Savi quits reviewing Yashwant’s admonition.

Specialist addresses Ishaan and asks how is he. Ishaan says he is fine. Specialist inquires as to whether he can see plainly or has issue seeing. Ishaan glances around and says he can obviously see Reeva, his family, and specialist. Savi thanks god. Reeva embraces Ishaan and says they were totally stressed for him. Anvi and Asmita say they were concerned for him. Surekha thanks god that Ishaan is fine and says for what reason wouldn’t he when Reeva performed supplications for him. Nurture checks Savi out. Savi signals her it’s alright.

Savi keeps on remaining external Ishaan’s room. Shikha requests that she return home and rest as she is in the clinic since 2 days without having anything. Savi will not go. Specialist tells Bhosales that Ishaan is fine now and can be released. Yashwant says thanks to him and requests that Nishi clear the bills. Reeva takes a gander at Savi and reviews Savi’s inquiries in the sanctuary. Family gets Ishaan into vehicle after release. Shikha looks for Savi. Surekha indignantly checks her out. Back home, Ishaan reviews Savi’s contention with him. Savi gets back.

Reeva leaves with her sacks. Surekha asks what is this. Reeva says she is going perpetually as she has no option to remain here with practically no relationship, checking Savi out. Surekha says she thinks about her as her little girl, so she has total right to remain in this house. Reeva says she realizes Surekha loves her a ton, however she took this choice after much tought; she is addressed for remaining in this house, which is correct; she took this choice to safeguard her self confidence. Surekha inquires as to whether somebody told her anything. Ishaan asks what has occurred, she realizes that everybody love her in this house, for what reason did she take this choice abruptly.

Surekha gives her commitment and inquires as to whether Savi said something. Reeva says OK, however anything that she said is right; as a matter of fact, with her words, she understood that she has no privilege to remain in this house. Ishaan asks Savi how dare she is to request that Reeva take off from this house. Reeva requests that he quiet down as Savi is correct, she needs to go. Surekha stops her and requests that Yashwant say something. Yashwant sits quietly. Reeva strolls towards entryway. ishaan stops her and says she won’t take off from the house like, Savi has no option to request that she leave, he won’t let her go this way. Reeva liberates her hand and says she has proactively gone with her choice.

Surekha demands her to alter her perspective. Durva argues her not to go and asks who gave a right to Savi in this house to take choices. Reeva says it’s alright. Nishi says just Surekha and Yashwant have right to take choices in this house. Reeva says she really wants to go. Surekha says she is equivalent to Durva and Anvi in this house and has right to remain here. Ishaan says everybody adores her. Savi says they are wrongly denouncing her without knowing reality, she didn’t request that Reeva go from this house. Ishaan cautions her to stop it and go to her room. Savi strolls to her room. Ishaan demands Reeva once more. Reeva says Savi is correct that she is Ishaan’s better half, yet Reeva is nobody to him and subsequently can’t remain here.

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