Yeh Hain Chahatein 2nd March 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Episode starts with Arjun and Kaashvi understands that Aditya shot Aman. Aditya finds out if she is fine. Kaashvi gestures at him. Arjun asks Aditya that how the last option realize they are there. Aditya lets Arjun know that he anticipated this inquiry from the last option. He uncovers that his men were watching out for Kaashvi for her security. He says that he is stressed over Sushma on the grounds that she can’t process Aman’s passing. Kaashvi apologizes to him. She faults herself for everything. Aditya requests that she not feel remorseful. He says that he needed to shot Aman to safeguard Kaashvi. Police comes there.

After some time, Vicky tells Arjun that Aman is dead so Kaashvi is protected. Arjun tells Vicky that issue isn’t finished at this point since something is absent. He says that it’s difficult to accept that Aditya killed Aman. He adds that Aditya might have shot on Aman’s hands. He chooses to figure out total truth. Following day, Arjun gets some information about Aman’s post-mortem examination report. Specialist lets Arjun know that it will require investment. He says that Aman went through parcel of restorative face a medical procedure. Arjun gets some information about medical procedure. Specialist says that appears as though Aman’s face got demolished and Aman had a medical procedure.

Kaashvi requests that Sushma have food. Sushma lets Kaashvi know that she lost her child. She asks Aditya that for what valid reason he killed Aman when he vowed to safeguard Aman generally. Aditya apologizes to her. He tells her that he did that to save Kaashvi. He says that he needed to safeguard Aman yet he can’t overlook his obligation as spouse. He trust Aman excuse him. He adds that he merits discipline and hit his hand on the table. Kaashvi stops him and lets him know that he did nothing out of sorts. She requests that he not rebuff himself.

Afterward, Aditya converses with somebody on a call and he goes patio of house. He asks Arjun that what the last option doing there right now. Arjun lets Aditya know that he read Aman’s examination report. He gets some information about Aman’s face medical procedures. Aditya asks Arjun that for what valid reason the last option saw the report. Arjun says that he actually think Aditya is concealing something from them.

Sushma says that she will come clean. She uncovers that her better half toss boiling water on Aditya however Aman pushed Aditya and consumed his face. She admonishes Arjun for addressing them. She demands him to not upset them. Arjun apologizes to her and leaves from that point.

Following day, Arjun requests that senior official stop the exchange. Senior official lets Arjun know that the last option needs to report in Kanpur today and he can’t help the last option. Arjun believes that he don’t think Kaashvi is protected with Aditya. He leaves the room and notification Kaashvi. He finds out if she is miserable due to his exchange. She lets him know that she is cheerful. She requests that he not return in her life.

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