Pandya Store 2nd March 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

episode begins with Amrish calling Bhavin and inquires as to whether he has prepared property papers since he has chosen to move it to him. Bhavin gets invigorated hearing this. Pranali illuminates Natasha that they need spouses to partake in next round as it will be couples round. Natasha gets stunned hearing something very similar. Natasha tells atleast they’ve spouse yet shouldn’t something be said about herself. She chooses to converse with Juhi about it. Juhi declares about couple round on the stage and Suman stresses over Natasha as well as Isha as Chiku is additionally not there.

Bhavin energetically advises Chiku that Amrish has consented to move everything on his name and requests that he come to excellence event as well. Chiku thinks at long last he hit the objective and says thanks to Shalini to him. Amrish arrives at the challenge. Isha calls Chiku and advises him to sign legal documents in the event that he can’t come go to the challenge. Chiku quiets her and says he is now coming. Pranali lets Cart know that Bhavin won’t ever take an interest with her so she will get excluded. Chiku and Bhavin arrives at the magnificence show as well . Natasha sees them together and comprehends something is going on.

Natasha sees Chiku giving papers to Bhavin and gets stunned. Dhawal comes to his bhabhis who illuminate him about Natasha going to converse with Juhi. Chirag additionally comes there to partake with Cart. Pranali lets Dhawal know that she and Natasha can not take an interest assuming it’s couple round. She demands him to follow through with something. Shashank recommends to turn into Natasha’s accomplice for the walk however Dhawal denies saying he will make due. Chiku looks pm as he sees Bhavin taking the property papers for getting endorsed from Amrish. Amrish winds up marking the papers. Natasha looks on while Chiku grins cheerfully.

Chiku comes to Bhavin and praises him . Chiku requests that he go and he will finish his work. Natasha figures she can meet Juhi later however she really wants to stop Chiku first. Juhi reports to begin the couple round and tells its loaded with shocks and anticipation. Isha is as yet sitting tight for Chiku. Couples begin strolling on the slope together. Shalini is the central visitor. While Amba gets irritated, Suman is stressed. Dhawal goes to search for Natasha. Cart and Chirag stroll on the slope together clasping hands. Pranali and Bhavin follows them. Shalini looks on.

Pranali is shocked when Bhavin holds her hand to stroll entrance. Amba feels frustrated. Isha questions Chiku available to work about where he is as need might arise to take part with her. Chiku avows that he has previously reached and is behind the stage. Natasha takes the property papers when Chiku is caught up with conversing with Isha. The episode closes with stunned Natasha.

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