Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 5th February 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein  5th February 2023 Written Update, Chavans getting inside the temple to perform puja for Vinayak. Whereas, Sai and Savi also comes there to do the same. Savi sees Vinayak and gets elated. She shows her gift given by Sai while the latter becomes happy upon seeing his photo along with Savi’s inside her pendant. Sai also comes there while Pakhi gets concerned for Vinayak and holds him with her hands. She panics seeing Sai coming near them, whole Bhavani stands in front of them and stops Sai from meeting Vinayak. She also takes the latter aside in order to have a private conversation.

Here, Sai denies to accept Bhavani’s demand and proclaims that she won’t take away the case for Vinayak’s custody. Bhavani gives a warning to Sai but the latter stays firm on her decision. Meanwhile, Chavans sits together for the puja, whereas Sai and Savi also sits together to conduct their puja. Savi then goes towards Virat and ask him to join them.

Savi makes a request to Virat and insists him to join them in their puja. He looks at her while Pakhi reminds him about their puja and ask not to go anywhere, as it is related to their son’s matter. Virat gets into turmoil but then finds a solution. He ask the priest that if he can get up from the Puja? To which the latter allows.

Elsewhere, the priest says that he haven’t started the puja and so Virat can get up from it. The latter then moves towards Sai and Savi. He ask the other priest that if he can shift the puja to some other place? To which the latter gives permission to him, stating that he also haven’t started the puja and says that Virat can shift the place.

Virat takes the things related to puja from Sai’s place and keeps it near Chavans place. He sits and make the kids sits on both his sides. Meanwhile, Sai and Pakhi sits next to their kids. Mohit gets elated and says that Virat has found the best solution for the problem as both kids will have their parents.

Ahead, Omkar scolds Mohit and ask him to stay quiet. Ninad stops Omkar and ask to focus on the puja. Meanwhile, Pakhi questions that if Bhavan won’t say anything? To which the latter stays quiet and says that she won’t say anything until Vinayak is with them. Whereas, Sai and Pakhi distributes the sweets and comes face to face. Sai takes the prasad from Pakhi’s hand while the latter request her to take the case back but she denies.

Sai says that God will do the justice and proclaims that soon she will have her son back. Pakhi denies to take Sai’s prasad and says that she won’t let Vinayak go away from herself. She moves away from there while Virat gets concerned for his son. Whereas, Bhavani tells Virat and Pakhi about a lawyer and they takes him to fight their case.

Further, Virat and Pakhi gets inside the court room and fight against Sai. They starts putting allegations upon one another and tries to prove how the other is not suitable for the custody of Vinayak. Sai makes a request to the judge and ask him to give her the custody while Virat does the same. The judge states that he can’t be able to take any decision until and unless he finds about Vinayak’s opinion. He advice them to tell the truth tk Vinayak and then come to the court. Whereas, Virat and Sai gets worried about Vinu’s reaction.

Precap:- Virat sees a lady running away from him. He thinks her to be Pakhi and shouts at her to stop. She runs away while he follows her. He sees Vinayak also joining her and then Savi also holds her hand and runs with her. Virat gets confused and ask her to stop asking that where she is taking Vinayak and Savi? She turns towards him and is revealed to be Sai. She smiles at him and ask to join them while he gets elated and holds her hand. Meanwhile, it all turns out to be his dream as he wakes up with a smile. He takes Sai’s name while Pakhi hears him and gets furious.

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