Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 9 December 2020 Written Update : Pakhi noticed something weird

At the beginning of the episode, all the proceedings got over, and Ashwini advised Sai to go and rest in her room. Karisma started teasing Sai. Pakhi took Sai to her room and saw Sai’s room was fully decorated. Ashwini was about to leave, but Sai stopped her and said, her to stay with her. Aswini said we will talk late and went off. Pakhi was recalling the promise which Virat gave him and was leaving the room before leaving Pakhi congratulated him for his first night and. New life. Virat was willing to talk with Pakhi, but Sai said she would not allow him to go anywhere and closed the door.

Ashwini came to her room, and Baba taunted her for doing everything of her wish. Ashwini said he drinks milk as he has shouted very much today. Baba threw the glass and said Sai will never get the position in this house. Ashwini said she will not let Virat and Sai suffer like her. Ashwini said she never felt like anyone ad accepted her in this house all she got is taunts from everyone.

Sai was about to sleep on the chair, but Virat told him to sleep on this bed as there is much space on this bed, and he knows his limit, which he will not cross. Sai thanked Virat for making her comfortable. Pakhi came to her room and recalled Sai’s words and felt sad.

Sonali was feeling irritated about Sai and feeling scared if Karishma also started giving back answers like Sai. Omkar said in front of Sai Bhavini also get mute. Sonali was confused hoe Sai can control Bhavini.

Virat thanked Sai for understanding the importance of Bhavini. Virat teased Sai by saying that Kamal sir was right that Sai keeps her aggression on her nose all the time. Virat started praising Kamal sir for his honesty. Virat said he wants Pakhi to guide her, but Sai got offended and said she don’t want Pakhi to guide her. Suddenly Sai saw a lizard and jumped into Virat and then again came back to her position. Pakhi came and asked Virat for medicine as she is was feeling head pain. Pakhi noticed a lipstick mark on Virat’s shirt and got offended and said, today I got to know that you are s cheater too. Virat got confused. Sai said, Pakhi to go back to her room, but Pakhi shouted at her and said, her to keep quiet. Pakhi left from there, and Sai started throwing things here and there.

Episode end

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