Namak Issk ka 9 December 2020 Written Update – Thakur gave choices to Chamcham

At the beginning of the episode, after Yug throws the ring, Chamcham asked the priest that the ring become impure because she touched it. Chamcham asked Yug does he compared her to mud because yesterday you threw my Payal and cloth and asked him what if I touch you will you go and drown in the river. Yug ignored her and went off from there. Neelawati went to meet Thakur.

Thakur came and warned her not to repeat the same mistake that she did with his men. Neelawati pushed him from the bridge, and as he was falling, she held his chain. Chamcham sat on Yug’s car, and suddenly Yug came and asked her to get down, but she started dancing on bis car, and within a few minutes, everyone starts clapping.

Nellawati said Thakur, that your men would not come to my house and the second thing you will not ask for money from me as sh itself will give you. Neelawati threw money on his face and warned him to stay on his limits or else she will kill him.

Chamcham asked Yug that now I touched your car will burn it? Yug says it is not his habit to create a scene and said, her to leave. Chamcham to Yug to burn the car, but he ignores her and steps into the car. Yug said he doesn’t like to talk with dancers. Chamcham replied that what is wrong with it everyone dances. Some dance for greed and I dance for my stomach.

Yug told Chamcham that what she will charge for leaving his way. Chamcham said she would love to die, but never she will take something from stubborn men like you. Chamcham gave interest money on Thakur’s hands and said, him not to dream big with a face like a mouse.

Neelawati said Yug to forget the past and start a new life and hugged Badi Amma and promised her that no one would talk about the past in this house.

Thakur men kidnapped Lucky and Rani Chamcham tires to chase them, but she collapses with Thakur’s car and fell. Thakur gave him the engagement ring back. Chamcham asked about lucky and Rani. Thakur said I would not harm them, only I need my money back today itself.

Thakur said, arrange it or else marry me, If you deny to marry me, then you can collect the dead bodies of Your children from tiver side. Chamcham sold her blood, and in return, she only got 6 thousand.

Episode end

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