Kumkum bhagya 10 December 2020 Written Update : Will Ranbir marry Riya?

At the beginning of the Episode, Aryan comes to Ranbir and ask him what happened, why he is so upset. Ranbir eyes become moist. He tells him about Pallavi’s demand. Aryan asks him not to fulfill this demand of her. Ranbir tells his mother’s condition is not so good even Dr tells him to take full care of her and never hurt her. So will do as Pallavi wants.

There Sahana is crying, Sarita and Prachi her what happened. Sahana tells she is crying for Pragya, she thinks Abhi hurts Pragya. Prachi disagrees, she believes that her father never hurt her mother. Sarita says maybe Abhi and Pragya are upset due to Riya. While Prachi wants to reunite Abhi and Pragya. Mitali and Raj are discussing about Pragya. Mitali is happy as now Pragya won’t come to Mehra’s house.

Raj says it is happened due to Aliya’s masterstroke. Now no one can stop this marriage as Abhi too wants to get married. They smirk. There, Abhi is thinking about Pragya. He cries for her. Dadi comes to him and asks him why he gets agreed to this marriage. He says nothing and puts his head on Dadi’s lap.

There, Pragya is also recalling Abhi’s words. While Abhi asks Dadi to go and sleep. Dadi leaves Abhi’s room. And the duo remembers each other. They put each other’s photo near their heart and sleeps like this. Pallavi is thinking about something. Dadi asks her what she is thinking. Pallavi says about Prachi. She adds Prachi is Abhi’s daughter and what if Abhi asks for Ranbir’s hand for Prachi. Vikram asks her not to think about unnecessary things. Pallavi says, no she needs to do something. She says she wants to go to Mehra’s house.

Vikram tries to stop him but Pallavi didn’t listen to her. And says today will ask Riya’s hand for her son. Pallavi arrives at Mehara house. She asks Aliya about Abhi and Riya. She tells Aliya that she wants Ranbir and Riya’s marry each other. Aliya they have to wait a little bit as tomorrow Meera and Abhi are going to get engaged. Vikram and others are shocked while Pallavi is happy.

Ahead, Riya brings coffee for Abhi. She asks him to wake-up. She adds she going for engagement shopping. She leaves and Abhi holds Pragya’s photograph again. Later Riya meets Pallavi and others. Pallavi goes to Abhi and asks him if he is ready for Riya and Ranbir’s marriage. Abhi says yes. Pallavi asks if Riya likes her son. Riya says yes but what about Ranbir. Ranbir recalls Prachi.

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