Kundali bhagya 9 December 2020 Written Update : Srishti’s planning against Ramona

At the beginning of the episode, Preeti thinks to hide the laddus in her room. Later she thinks what if Karan got it so she hides in another place. While Srishti calls come to Preeta. She picks it up. She asks Preeta if she finds anything. Preeta says yes. She tells she find laddus in Mahira’s room and sure that Romana’s laddu contains poison. Srishti scolds Mahira and Ramona for their wrong deeds.

She adds that she has a plan which can help Sarla. Preeta asks what plan? Srishti tells her everything. While Preeta notices Sherlyn and leaves. Sherlyn thinks about when Preeta came here. She thinks Preeta is cooking something in her mind, but what? She goes into Mahira’s room and shouts when she notices Mahira’s black face. Mahira accuses her of this.

Sherlyn says she didn’t do it, Preeta did it, she here for some reason. Mahira says now she will tell everything to Karan and then Karan lashes Preeta. She goes to him. He too shouts seeing her. He asks to remove black her or else someone can die after this avatar of her. Karan comes to Preeta. She looks upset. So he asks him what happened.

Preeta tells she is upset because he is not him. Karan asks if she wants to use flirty lines on him. Later both share nok-jhok moments. There, Mahira cleans her face. She says she will not leave Preeta and teach her a good lesson. Sherlyn says they need to plan something big. Sherlyn wonders why Preeta did such a thing to Mahira, what was the real reason behind it.

While she again goes to Karan. There Karan appreciates Preeta for what she did to Mahira. He says Mahira was looking so funny that he can’t control his laugh. Mahira is shocked after hearing these words of Karan. She burns badly seeing Karan and Preeta together. She then about to leave but hit Girish accidentally. Girish watching her with emotional eyes. Later Srishti came to Luthra’s house. Sherlyn suspects her.

Ramona came too. She gives sweets to Kareena and tells Rakhi to ask for it. Mahira feels good after seeing her mother. Meantime Pandit Ji arrives. Everyone thinks why Pandit Ji is here. Pandit ji says Rakhi call him for some puja. Kareena wonders but Rakhi didn’t tells a single word about puja. Actually, this is Srishti’s plan, she called Ramona and Pandit Ji by using Rakhi’s voice. While when Preeta notices Sarla there she thinks who called her. Srishti says maybe Rakhi. Preeta says fine do not waste any more time let’s give them punishment for their misdeeds.

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