Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 9 December 2020 Written Update : Ishani is in danger

At the beginning of the episode, Ishani comes for the tilak ritual. Dadi asks Riddhima and Vansh to do this ritual first. Vansh goes to Ishani and put tilak on Ishani’s forehead. Ishani thinks if this man in front of her is her brother or not. Vansh gives her a gift. Riddhima says she will feel happy after seeing the gift. Dadi asks Riddhima to Ishani drink Gangajal. Riddhima takes Kalash and feeds her Gangajal. While Kabir sneakingly put powder packet in Vansh’s pocket.

Dadi asks Kabir to do the ritual. Kabir says no, Ishani doesn’t like him so it is better if he steps out. Ishani says as he is one who suggests this ritual so she won’t mind if he takes a part in it. Kabir then does tilak puja. While Dadi asks where is Vansh. Riddhima too wonders where he is. Later Vansh came. He wants to make the day even more special so he sings a song for Riddhima and shares some romantic moment with her. Kabir thinks soon he unveils Vihan’s truth.

While Vihan sings for Ishani. Everyone starts singing with him. While Ishani’s stomach starts aching. She shouts out loud. Everyone notices her in pain. Kabir grabs Ishani and goes to the room. Dr comes and checks Ishani. Dr reveals that Ishani is fine now. Dr adds due to some powder containing food did it. But thanks to god it is in less quantity also if she fell on the stomach then that too leads her to lose her unborn baby. Dadi thanks Kabir as he grabs her.

Chanchal says but Ishani didn’t have anything, she only drinks Gangajal. Kabir comes with Gangajal and shows all its green color. Dadi says how can this happened. She saw herself that Gangajal is clear. She asks if someone put the powder in it. But who can do such a thing when our only family is here. Kabir says let him check. Vihan thinks about what Kabir wants to do. He is about to put his hands in his pocket. But Kabir stops him and then check his pocket. He finds green powder in Vihan’s pocket which makes everyone shock.

Dadi asks but why will Vansh do it. Ishani comes and says because this man is not Vansh but his Hamshakl. Dadi asks Ishani if she has gone mad. Ishani tells Dadi that Riddhima plots against them. She brings fake Vansh to play with their emotions. She adds Riddhima never had any feeling for Vash. She just wants his money thus she brought this man here to take all the properties. Aryan also supports Ishani in this thing. While Vansh asks them if they lose their mind. He says he is Vansh. Ishani asks then tells me what name he wants to give her child. As Vansh already told her names. Vihan gets nervous and gives the wrong name. Ishani says so it is been proven that this man is not Vansh.

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