Barrister babu 9 December 2020 written update : Anirudh lashes Bondita

At the beginning of the episode, Anirudh says he will not give any punishment to Bondita as he believes that Bondita can never do such a mess. Suraiya says fine, if Bondita didn’t get any punishment then she will not have food. Bondita asks Suraiya don’t do it. Anirudh asks Bondita to let them do what they want to do. Ilachai says she too does a hunger strike with Suraiya. Badal and Bholi also agree with this. They go and Anirudh cries.

Later Ilaichi is waiting for Mini’s call. Badal calls Ilaichi. She goes towards Ilachi while Mini’s call comes. Bondita picks it up. She says hello. But when Mini hears Bondita’s voice she hangs up. Bondita goes from there. Ilachi comes and calls Mini. She tells Mini that she creat a fuss between Suraiya and Anirudh. Mini says good, now as a reward, she sends a letter to her Sasural. Ilaichi says thankyou.

While she notices Bondita she throws the phone down and runs away. Bondita wonders why Ilaichi runs after seeing her. She ignores it and goes to Anirudh. Anirudh finds that the last 50 pages are missing. He asks Bondita to find those pages. But when they didn’t find it they go to the book shop and ask for book. The shopkeeper says he sells all the books to Greenwood.

Mini says she can give them a book but on one condition. Mini tells them that if Bondita gives them the correct answer to her question then she will give them this book. Anirudh agrees to these conditions. Later Anirudh questions the boys and they give the correct answer. Bondita’s turn comes. Mini says she will not ask Bondita any question, their master will ask. Mini calls Masterji and he the one who once beat Bondita with the stick. Bondita gets afraid.

Masterji ask Bondita some questions while Bondita is unable to give him any answer. Later Anirudh also scolds Bondita for this. She cries. There Suraiya says Anirudh is a crazy man. Badal says he truly is a devil. Ilachi provokes them more. She asks them to break Anirudh’s self-respect.

She adds if they run away from here then how will Anirudh win this compilation. Badal asks but where they go and what they eat? Ilaichi says they will steal some money from here and then escape. On the other side, Bondita makes Anirudh understand that instead of scolding her if he supports her then she happily gave all the answers. Anirudh feels guilty.

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