Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 9th September 2022 Written Update

At the beginning,  Sai gets inside Gulabrao’s office. She confronts him for trying to kidnap Savi and gets furious at him. She asks him to stay away from her daughter and gives an open warning that if he again tries to harm Savi, then she won’t leave him. Gulabrao smirks and proclaims that she won’t be able to do anything to him, as he is the MLA. He proclaims that he has enough power to save himself, whereas he asks her not to come on his way or else she will have to pay for it. She gets angry at him and gives him a last warning, while he talks about her husband. He says that he hasn’t seen her ever with her husband, while the latter gets anxious.

Here, Gulabrao notices the change in Sai’s behavior after hearing about her husband and starts talking about him, while she lashes out at him and proclaims to teach him a lesson. She goes away from there after giving a glare to him, while he smirks and asks his men to find out about Sai’s past. He says that there is something related to her husband and decides to use it against her.

Virat tells Vinayak that he wanted to meet Savi’s mother but couldn’t able to see her due to the circumstances. Meanwhile, the principal comes there and states that she works there only and will reach in a few minutes. Virat and Vinayak get excited to meet Savi before going away from there, while Sai takes Savi towards the school in her cycle. The latter asks Sai to ride fast as they were getting late, at that time the chain of the cycle breaks out and Sai starts repairing it.

Elsewhere, Savi gets sad thinking that she won’t be able to meet Vinayak. Whereas, Virat gets a call from his senior, who asks him to return back soon to handle the Ganesh program. He notifies about his work to Vinayak and states that they need to leave. He gets upset, while Virat assures him that soon he will meet Savi again. He makes Vinayak sit inside the car, while the latter keeps looking for Savi.

Sai starts riding her cycle again along with Savi, while the latter gets restless. At the time they reached the school, the Principal notified them that Vinayak and his father already left. Savi gets disheartened and becomes emotional, while Sai makes her understand that he just got some important work and that is why left without meeting her.

Ahead, Sai assures us that soon Vinayak and Savi will meet. Whereas, the principal gives a letter to Savi from Vinayak while the latter gets elated seeing his number and hugs her mother. Meanwhile, Ninad looks at the arrangements to celebrate Bhavani’s success. He makes the servant keep Bhavani’s cutout and then goes inside the house.

Mohit asks Omkar to enjoy his retirement and asks him to have faith in him, whereas Karishma comes there and misbehaves with Mohit and Sonali, while the latter gets furious and scolds her. She then feeds her son, while he leaves for work. Meanwhile, a servant asks Sonali where he will have to keep the flowers, to which she asks him to question the head of the family. He moves toward Shivani, while she laughs and replies to him the same.

Further, the servant moves towards Bhavani and she sends him towards Pakhi and declares that she is the head of the family. Ashwini also comes there and praises Pakhi for looking after Vinayak and Virat along with the whole family and handling everything nicely. She proclaims that Bhavani will always remain their head, while Shivani asks if she is waiting for her son, to which she proclaims that he will enter the house in a few seconds. At that exact time, Virat and Vinayak come there and everyone gets excited upon seeing them. Pakhi showers her live towards Vinayak and says that she missed him a lot

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Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 16th August 2022 Written Update

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