Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein written update 27 March 2022 weekly

Last week we saw that, Bhawani, sonali and omkar discusses about how to get rid of Sai. Bhawani ask Pakhi to come in her room. She tells her that Sai has again came between the friendship of her and Virat. She says that she needs to do something and not let sai win this time. Pakhi says that they don’t need to worry.

Later, devi goes to sai at the terrace and forgives her. She Says that someone has make her understand that she should support her. When Pulkit was leaving, he told Devi that when everyone was against their relationship that time Sai supported them. He says that he was away from her but still tried to be with her. He says in the same way Sai has came here for Virat because they both love eachother. He says that Sai has did so much to save Virat. He says that she should support her and be there for her. Devi says he is right. Sai hugs Devi when she got to know that Devi has forgiven her.

Devi ask Sai to imagine that Virat is standing in front of her and she is confessing her feelings to him. She imagines him in front of her. She tells him that they are not met by coincidence they met because they are destined to be together. She says that she loves him and now she have realised it. Devi says that she told her that she is in love. Sai says that she is right.

Next day, After getting the shower, Sai goes closer to Virat. She tells him how could someone not fall in love with his smile. Sai gets ready and takes the colour in her hand. She goes near virat and puts colour on his face. She says that she knows he don’t want to play Holi with her but she will be the one who will apply colour on him first. Then she steps away from him because he wakes up. Virat sees that their is colour on his hand when he rubbed his hand on cheeks. He sees in the mirror that there is colour on his face. He shouts at Sai. Meanwhile, Devi comes and supported sai and says that she has applied colour on him not sai.

Mohit tells Bhawani that everything is ready for the Holi party. Ninad says that he don’t want to go outside. He says that they will go and Virat will sit alone in his room, he don’t want this. Mansi says he is right. Then everyone goes to the Holi party. Sai says to herself that she will put the colours of happiness on her Aai and her love. Then DIG sir comes with his family and other police officers. He ask Sai where is Virat? Sai says that he is upstairs but if he will ask him to come downstairs then he will surely come. Bhawani ask Pakhi to take care of DIG sir’s family but they only talks with Sai and praises her.

Virat comes downstairs because DIG sir asked him to come with him. Pakhi goes to apply colour on him. She says happy Holi to him and tell him that she is happy to see him in Holi. She is about to apply colour on him but Sai comes and stops her. Sai says that before applying colour on him they should first remove the colour of disrespect from him. She holds his hand and takes him on the stage. She has called the press. Then DIG sir announces that on the behalf of nagapur police force he apologise to Virat for putting allegations on him. Media ask him what about his affair with another woman. Sai says that she will tell them about it. Sai says Virat has never done anything because of which their relationship got affected. He says that he always fights for truth and she is proud of him.

Will Virat forgive Sai after what she announced in front of Media?

This is the weekly update of your favourite show Ghum hai kisi ke pyar mein.

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