Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 written update 20 March 2022 weekly

we saw that Surya comes to meet Sikander and Surya told him that he is going to marry her. Surya said that he will take revenge from Gehna. Surya calls Gehna where Baa asks her to receive his calls but Gehna says that she has something to do. Gehna recieved his call and said that she doesn’t want to talk to him but Surya said that he calls for Dadi Medicine. Surya said that he learn this from school to how to win girls heart. Surya said that girl is fool and he will take his revenge. Surya ignore Gehna. Gehna think that if Surya asks her to sit then she will go with him where another girl sits on Surya’s bike. Surya thinks that Gehna has to wait for his last move and says that his trick is working.

Later, Baa told her that Praful went to bank but he is not receiving calls. Gehna says that she is going to check. Gehna sees Praful amd gets Shocked. Gehna said what happened with him. Praful says that the thief is trying to snatch his bag where he told him that Surya saved him. Gehna said that this is his plan. She said that he is doing drama so that she can fall in love with him. Surya thanks to Arjun and said that now Gehna is in his trap. Arjun looks on. Praful asks her to call Surya where Gehna says that he is not receiving calls but Praful asks her to call on landline. Dadi told Gehna that Surya is leaving for America where gezs surprised. Gehna expresses her feelings. She said that someone told her that he will love her truly. She said that when he did something childish, she becomes happy. She said that she loves him. Gehna sits on her knees and proposes him. aa gives blessings to Gehna where Pankaj informs that the pandit ji is back. Everyone is going to meet him.

After all this, Gehna comes to take blessings from Guru ji where he said that the problem is is coming. Baa says that she will not eat anything until she gets married happily. Hema asks Kanak that what is going to happen where Kanak said that she has to prove it right. Everyone comes home where they gets Shocked to see the lock is broken. They sees that the jewellery and everything gets stolen by someone. They gets Shocked where Gehna runs towards the thief. Gehna catches him and about to see his face but Arjun hits her. Praful says that how will they manage everything where Kanak asks them to cancel this wedding. Surya said that nothing will get cancel. Gehna said that they will do court marriage but Surya said that she will wear everything because they wants to do this. Surya arranges everything where Suhani asks him to get ready. Praful says that her upbringing is so good.

Later, Kanak breaks the glass and mix it with flowers. She said that now the red colour will put on her today. Everyone puts haldi on Gehna where Sarika asks her to wait. Kanak said that her happiness will turn into sadness. Surya saves Gehna where Gehna gets angry. Gehna said that the Panditji words become true . Gehna said that she can’t marry him. Surya makes hee understand that this is nothing like it. Baa slaps Kanak. Pankaj said that when she leave to hurt everyone. Kanak said that everyone believes on Surya but Gehna said that everyone knows what she can do. Surya shows Kanak’s hand and said that how this cut in her hand. Gehna asks her to leave from there. Everyone start haldi ceremony again.

Baa sees Gehna’s henna where Hema praises her. Kanak says that she is feeling guilty and gifts something to Gehna. Gehna sees Anant’s photos and asks her to come in her wedding. Hema said that she can come in her wedding and told Hema that she listens Surya is talking to Suhani that he will destroy her. Praful teases Gehna and asks her to eat. Gehna recieved the phone where Surya says something to her. She asks him to say better. Surya said that he is so lucky where Gehna says that she is so lucky to have him. Surya asks her to send her pictures where Suhani comes and asks him to go to meet Sikander. Gehna gets Shocked and pretends that she didn’t listen anything. Surya cuts the call. Gehna thinks that why will he go to meet Sikander.

Kanak sees that Gehna runs away from the window where Kanak shouts for Baa. Surya sees Gehna there and pretends that he warn here not to disturb Gehna. Sikander says that how could he question him. Surya says that Gehna is innocent and destroy her life. Gehna sees him where Surya said that he loves her so much. Surya promised him that Gehna will take him out from here. Gehna and Surya is getting married but Dada said that he is so fast and laughs. Everyone is happy for them. Gehna thinks that her life is starting again now and asks Anant to give her blessings. He comes to her and said that he is so happy and said he will make her memorable night today. He removed her veil and start removing her jewellery. Surya said that he brings special gift for her and goes to take it. He gives gift to Gehna and asks her to wear. He sends Gehna to wear it where Gehna goes inside. Gehna said that she can’t wear this but Surya says that she can wear this for her husband. Gehna comes outside. Surya sees her but Gehna said that a husband gifts her this dress on their first night. Surya says how could she face her real truth. Surya said that now she will wear this. Gehna gets Shocked.

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