Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update 20 March 2022 weekly

In last week’s episodes, Abhimanyu gives Arohi a gift and says to her that her mother told him earlier that he had to give her something as she is going to be his sister-in-law. Before leaving, he says yo Arohi that to be careful that she doesn’t bring tears is Akshu’s eyes as if it happens he will not be able to control his anger. She says to herself that the warning will cost heavy for Abhimanyu. Arohi with the gift goes to her room and throws it on the bed, and says that if Abhimanyu thinks she is a villain then she will become one and show him.

Abhimanyu arrives at the hospital, Akshu whistles and grabs his attention and says to him that they have a date. He says he just has ten minutes, she says it’s enough. Kairav and Vansh help Akshu with the setup of the date. He asks her to promise him that she won’t leave him and their life would never get boring. They give each toy rings and promise for a love forever.

The family leaves for the temple, Akshu gets ready and comes outside and sees everyone has gone. She says to herself that her family has left the bride only at home and went to take blessing at the temple, she says she should just take another car. Akshu’s car hits a cart and the men ask her to pay and trouble her. Abhimanyu arrives, asks him to leave her hand and hits him. Abhimanyu and Akshu are chased. While the family waits for them to arrive.

Abhimanyu and Akshu arrive at the temple. The pandit opens the card and everyone gets shocked. Akshu looks at Abhimanyu who is boiling with anger, he turns back and looks at Arohi. Arohi asks everyone why they are looking at her. Abhimanyu looks angrily towards Arohi and picks the card from in front of god, Abhimanyu burns the card from his and Arohi’s wedding. He says she should be happy that he is just glaring at her or things could have gotten out of hand after what she tried to do. She says she hasn’t done anything, and asks her family to trust her. Arohi leaves crying and Akshu goes behind her, but Abhimanyu holds her hand and stops her.

Manjuri on the way asks Abhimanyu to drop her off as she wants to visit another temple. Akshu sees Arohi in the car and sits in it. She then sees the bottle of medicine and asks Arohi if she has taken some pills, she says not just one she has taken a few of them. Arohi rashly drives, Akshu tries to control the steering wheel but they hit something. Akshu says says to her that she felt like they hit something hard and not just hay of sack. Akshu says she will once just check outside. Arohi sees a crowd coming their way and drives away, there is blood stain on the car.

Abhimanyu comes home and asks Neil for Manjuri, who tells him that she hasn’t returned after they dropped her off in the temple. Neil tells Harshwardhan that Manjuri hasn’t returned home, he says there is no problem in it as she will return. Abhimanyu says to her that he doesn’t understand that Manjuri has been missing since morning. Abhimanyu goes for a look out for Manjuri, on the road he calls Akshu and asks her if she knows where Manjuri is. Akshu then tells her family that Manjuri is missing.

Will Arohi’s carelessness cause Manjuri’s life?

This was the weekly summary of your favourite show “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai”.

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