Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei written update 20 March 2022 weekly

We saw that Dhanush’s brother asks him if Chikoo comes to know about him last night and after that, she is not replying where Dhanush said that he is confused. Dhanush’s brother said that she is afraid of showing her face to the world because of bad comments and asks her to be friends with her. He said that he has a real connection with her but he is ignoring her because of a scholarship. Mini asks Dhanush Why didn’t he told about his fake id. Dhanush said hai he needs friends and she is busy with her work. They start fighting with each other where Mini said that she exposed Chikoo and Dhanush remembers how Everyone bullies Chikoo. Dhanush said that how could she do this with her. Mini said that his mother asks him to do anything to win the scholarship but she does this then why he is getting angry at her. Sameer said to Pushpa that Chikoo will come out of this fear and he will help her. Sameer said that he is using Kamini’s weakness and he will make sure that she will confess her crime. Sameer sends someone to scare Kamini. Kamini gets scared to see Nupur where She shouts and said that she saw Nupur. Nivan calls Chikoo to come and said that he is leaving his bad habits and asks her to promise that she is not stepping back from competition. Chikoo said that how did he know this where Nivan said that he is With Aarav at that time. Chikoo said that Everyone makes fun of her whereas Nivan said that Everyone is a fool like him and she Shouldn’t listen to them. Chikoo leaves from there.

Later, Dhanush recalls Mini’s words and gets tensed while boxing. He recalls his brother’s words. He comes to meet Chikoo and Apologizes to her. He said that she should show them that She is good at Dance. He promised her that he will not cheat her in this round and play with honesty. Dhanush says that She has to give him chance so that he can proud of himself. Chikoo says that it is not easy to do this. Dhanush said that he doesn’t care whether he won or loose but he wants to compete with her. Sameer comes as pest controller to Joshi’s house and said that he will do everything. Sameer comes to Kamini’s room and plays the Nupur’s voice where Kamini gets Shocked and runs from there. Dhanush asks Chikoo if she can’t stand for herself then Everyone will make fun of her but if she stands for herself then no one will say anything. Chikoo answers Everyone and stands there proudly. Dhanush gets happy.

After all this, Dhanush’s Mother comes to him and said that he supports Chikoo and said that he will lose this competition. She scolds him for losing everything and said that she has to find her new owner. Aarav brings soup to Kamini and said that he made it for her but Kamini scolds him when Nivan comes there and asks Kamini why she misbehaved with Aarav when he brings her favorite soup. He takes his side and asks her to apologize to Aarav. She Apologizes to Aarav and leaves from there where Mini gets surprised. Aarav comes to Nivan and said that how he split where Nivan told Aarav that Chikoo did this. He told him that Chikoo is their childhood Chikoo. She is back. Mini comes to know about this where she says that Chikoo is snatching everything from her.

Later, The principal gives a speech for Chikoo and Dhanush. She said that they are against each other but now both are deserving candidates and they have to perform with confidence. The Principal asks Dhanush to come on stage where Dhanush dances. Everyone gets happy and claps for him. Mini looks at him. Dhanush is happy while dancing. Kamini calls Sameer and asks him to meet so that they can help each other. Sameer says that he will come to her home and talk there. Kamini said that he will talk outside whereas Sameer said that he will talk to her. Kamini thinks that it is true then everything will get destroyed. Chikoo dances well while Dhanush gets happy for her. Mini feels jealous and goes to do something. Mini stops the song and said that she will dance when music will play and turn off the song. Chikoo dances with her beat and Dhanush gets happy. Dhanush sing-song for her and plays guitar. The Principal said that they both dance well and support each other. The Principal announced the winner’s name and said that Chikoo is the winner. Dhanush gets happy for Chikoo and gets excited. Chikoo gives a speech for Dhanush and dedicates her winning to him. She said that She never forget his motivation. The Principal asks Dhanush to wear a medal to Chikoo.

Dhanush says that he will not follow her when she asks him not to forget that she is his mother. Dhanush told her how a mother should treat her son. He says that if his father is here then he will not say anything like this. He says that she teaches him to harm anyone to win the game. He said that he never loved Keshav and said that she never loved him then how could she love Keshav. Mini comes to pick Dhanush where Dhanush says that he left the business and wants to follow his passion. Mini asks him to do anything and asks him to go back to take the business. Dhanush says that she is thinking about money where Keshav shows the bill which she spent from companies credit card. Dhanush says that he is breaking up with her. Dhanush complimented Chikoo Where Chikoo says that Mini will kill him. Dhanush says that he break up with Mini. Chikoo comes to meet Mini and motivates her. She says that she did every possible way to survive and she knows everything. Chikoo says that she will help her and she is with her. Mini comes to Kamini and said that she wants to say something. Mini says her truth to Everyone that she is not from the Joshi family and thanks Kamini for charity. Mini asks Chikoo to say the truth to everyone that she is Payal.

Later, Kamini confesses her sins and said that she killed Nupur and she knows that Chikoo is Payal but no one believes in her. Savitri says how could she do this. Kamini says to Savitri that she did because of her. She says that no one cares about her and always follows Nupur and takes care of her. Savitri says that she doesn’t feel guilty at all. Nivan and Aarav said that he feels ashamed that she is her Mother. Aarav and Nivan Apologise to Chikoo and said that he will support her. Savitri said that he will take care of them. Chikoo and Dhanush announce that they are going to start anti-bullying cells so that everyone will live happily. Everyone Apologizes to Chikoo where they get happy together. Dhanush comes to Mini and said that what is her plan now. She said that she has to find her house where Dhanush Apologize to her and said that he doesn’t know about her. He offers her to work with his mother. Mini gets happy. Sameer feels bad for himself and said that Chikoo will leave this house now. Chikoo says that Mini will live here and takes her to her room and Everyone accept her. Mini says that she feels that She is her family. Dhanush sings the song for Chikoo and proposes to her. Dhanush says that he loves her so much and said that he mistakenly proposed to her the first day but now he is proposing to her. He says that they are destined to meet. Chikoo thinks something and accepts his proposal. Everyone gets happy. Chikoo gets a call and said that she got a new job as a choreographer in the dance academy. Everyone gets happy and dances with each other.

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