Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 18 March 2022 written update: Dhanush break up with Mini

At the beginning of the episode, Dhanush says that he will not follow her where she asks him not to forget that she is his mother. Dhanush told her that how a mother should treat her son. He said that a Mother becomes when she gave birth a baby but she never become his mother. Dhanush said that she never comes to him and loves him. He said that she never Apologize to him for not coming in school. She says that she did for him where Dhanush says that she never appreciate him. He says that if his father is here then he will not say anything like this. He says that she teaches him to harm anyone to win the game. He said that he never loved Keshav and said that she never loved him then how could she love Keshav. She leaves from there. Keshav comes and hugs Dhanush.

Chikoo says that she doesn’t want to go there where Sameer says that he will come with him. Chikoo gets happy and hugs him. Dhanush’s mother feels and for herself and said that she loosed her son today. Keshav says that she has to handle everything but she didn’t do anything wrong. She asks to Keshav that why didn’t he hate her. Keshav said that he can’t hate her because she gave her everything. He asks her to return Dhanush childhood to him. She comes to Dhanush and asks him to follow his passion and said that Keshav will handle her business.

Mini comes to pick Dhanush where Dhanush says that he left the business and wants to follow his passion. Mini asks him to do anything and asks him to go back to take the business. Dhanush says that she is thinking about money where Keshav shows the bill which she spent from companies credit card. Dhanush says that he is breaking up with her. Mini leaves from there. Dhanush asks him to take care of her like this.

Chikoo and Sameer comes in the party where Kamini sees Sameer there. She comes to meet him where Sameer greets Chikoo. Kamini thinks that she sees her before. Savitri meets Sameer and gets happy to meet Chikoo.

Dhanush compliment Chikoo Where Chikoo says that Mini will kill him. Dhanush says that he breakup with Mini. Chikoo comes to meet Mini and motivates her. She says that she did every possible way to survive and she knows everything. Chikoo says that she will help her and she is with her.

Mini comes to Kamini and said that she wants to say something. Mini says her truth to Everyone that she is not from joshi family and thanks Kamini for charity. Mini asks Chikoo to say truth to everyone that she is Payal.

Upcoming story: Dhanush proposes Chikoo in front of the college and said that she is the one for him and sings a song for her.