Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 17 March 2022 written update: Chikoo won the competition

At the beginning of the episode, Sameer told Kamini that he has proof against her and know that he killed Nupur. She checks the watch and thinks that what he wants.

The principal gives speech for Chikoo and Dhanush. She said that they are against from each other but now both are the deserving candidates and they have to perform with confidence. Principal asks Dhanush to come on stage where Dhanush dances. Everyone gets happy and claps for him. Mini looks at him. Dhanush is happy while dancing. Everyone claps for him.

Kamini thinks that if her watch is in his hand then everything will get finished. Kamini calls Sameer and asks him to meet so that they can help each other. Sameer says that he will come to her home and talk there. Kamini said that he will talk outside where Sameer said that he will talk her. Kamini thinks that if is true then everything will get destroy.
Chikoo said that she is staring at him throughout the Dance where everyone laughs. Dhanush asks her to give her best and shows everyone that she is not weak. He motivates her. The principal Chikoo to Dance. Chikoo dances well while Dhanush gets happy for her. Mini feels jealous and goes to do something. Mini stops the song and said that she will dance when music will play and turn off the song. Chikoo gets tensed where Everyone thinks that how music gets stop.

Sameer prays to God for Chikoo. Pushpa asks him not to worry where she has to win today but Sameer says that Chikoo suffers a lot and asks God to give her a fair chance to win. Chikoo remember Dhanush’s words and remember Nupur. Chikoo dances with her own beat where Dhanush’s gets happy. Mini looks on and gets tensed. Everyone motivates Chikoo where Dhanush plays songs for Chikoo. Chikoo dances on his song. Mini feels jealous. Dhanush sing song for her and plays guitar. Everyone comments on them and gets happy. Everyone claps for them.

The Principal said that they both dances well and support each other. The Principal announced the winner name and said that Chikoo is the winner. Dhanush gets happy for Chikoo and getd excited. Chikoo gives speech for Dhanush and dedicates her winning to him. She said that She never forget his motivation. The Principal ask Dhanush to wear medal to Chikoo. Everyone claps for them. Mini feels jealous and tensed. Dhanush said that her words means a lot.

Kamini says that tomorrow she is organising a party where Savitri said that she organised a Pooja tomorrow. Kamini said that she will talk to blackmailer tomorrow so that no one can notice.

Dhanush looks at the sky where his mother said that he is mistake of his life. She said that he is goal less and can’t do anything. She said to him that he can’t win and scolds him for becoming her son. Dhanush asks her to stop.

Sameer praises Chikoo where Nivan and Aarav video calls to Chikoo and invites her for party. Sameer gives permission to go to joshi house where Chikoo said that she will come. Sameer says that he will expose Kamini.

Upcoming story: Dhanush told Chikoo that she is looking beautiful where Dhanush says that he broke up with her. Dhanush proposes Chikoo and said that he loves her.