Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 19 March 2022 written update: Kamini gets caught

At the beginning of the episode, Mini said that she accepted her reality now she has to show that she is Payal. Sameer says that this will also happen but not now. Sameer message Kamini and asks her to come in her room. She comes to her room and asks him that what she wants. Sameer says that he wants money but Kamini tries to harm him. Nupur says that she knows she killed her where Sameer records everything. Kamini confesses her sins and said that she killed Nupur and she knows that Chikoo is Payal but no on believe on her. Savitri says that how could she do this. Kamini says to Savitri that she did because of her. She says that no one cares about her and always follows Nupur and taking care of her. Savitri says that she doesn’t feel guilty at all. Nivan and Aarav said that he feels ashamed that she is her Mother. Aarav and Nivan Apologise to Chikoo and said that he will support her. Savitri said that he will take care of them.

Chikoo and Dhanush announce that they are going to start anti- bullying cell so that everyone will live happily. Everyone Apologize to Chikoo where they gets happy together. Dhanush comes to Mini and said that what is her plan now. She said that she has to find for her house where Dhanush Apologize to her and said that he doesn’t know about her. He offers her to work with his mother. Mini gets happy. Chikoo told them that they should think about Mini.

Nivan and Aarav takes Chikoo to her room and says that they will live here. Sameer feels bad for himself and said that Chikoo will leave this house now. Chikoo comes there and said that she goes to Joshi house thats why she become late. Sameer is crying and says that she doesn’t need permission. Chikoo says that Mini will live here and takes her to her room and Everyone accept her. Mini says that she feels that She is her family. Everyone gets happy together. Sameer says that she has another house.

Dhanush messaged Chikoo and asks her to come in the canteen. Dhanush sing song for Chikoo and proposes her. Dhanush says that he loves her so much and said that he mistakenly proposed her first day but now he is proposing her. He says that they are destined to meet. Chikoo thinks something and accept his proposal. Everyone gets happy. Chikoo gets a call and said that she got a new job as a choreographer in dance academy. Everyone gets happy and dances with each other.