Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 18 July 2022 written update

At the beginning of the episode, Kaddu tells Seth’s family that they all will awaken at 6 a.m., perform pooja, and have food together. Sikandar says he doesn’t think of her as rule. Suhani requests that he keep up with his quiet. Kaddu says she realized he would revolt, this house similarly has a place with her. She says she wants to assume responsibility when there is flimsiness at her home. She then considers Sarika a reptile and says they all need to oversee on the pocket cash she gives from hereon. Sikandar requests that Suhani handle the voyager of grave/kabar ki musafir or, in all likelihood he will gain out of influence. Suhani asks Kaddu how might she oversee immense costs.

Kaddu sees house keys on Suhani’s abdomen and inquires as to whether she read Viren’s will appropriately. Suhani asks what is in it. Kaddu asks Urmila who says she has 51% offer in the property. She requests that Gehna read the will in the future. Gehna peruses and says the facts confirm that Urmila and Surya hold 51% offer and Suhani, Sarika, and Sikandar hold 49% portion of the property. Kaddu says in that sense, house keys ought to be taken care of by Urmila. Surya says Suhani handles the house keys till now. Kaddu cautions him not to meddle when older folks talk and inquires as to whether she needs to say something. Urmila says she doesn’t require abundance and is here to persuade her darlings, Surya, and can forfeit even her life for that.

Kaddu inquires as to whether needs to give keys or her life. Suhani thinks Urmila is acting great, she will lose a ton in the event that she gives house keys to Urmila. Sarika lets Sikandar know that their mother will be on street assuming she gives the house keys. Suhani takes out the house keys from her midriff and grabbed them from Dimpy daadi. Gehna requests that the worker increment the AC as Suhani is perspiring. Kaddu says one ought to esteem connections and not cash, so Suhani shouldn’t hold back to giving keys. Suhani says she needn’t bother with keys or abundance and simply needs her youngsters.

Suhani attempts to leave. Kaddu requests that she fix a tape on the parcel line and turn it super durable. Surya says he will make it happen. She says everybody will accomplish anything work she provides and arranges for Sarika to bring a brush as Suhani can’t twist at this age. Suhani asks what she means. Kaddu says Suhani is of the period of playing with grandkids now. When Kaddu leaves, Suhani lets Sikandar know that she knows how to handle Kaddu bua.

Kaddu then requests that the family clean the home sanctuary. Surya and Gehna get lost in one another while lighting a light. Surya consumes his fingers. Gehna hurries to him and sucks his fingers. Kaddu grins seeing that while Suhani blows up. Gehna then, at that point, plays out Devimaa’s aarti imploring her to fix the family issues. After the pooja, she serves aarti to everybody. Surya says before Devimaa’s favors, he needs to take his mom’s endowments and strolls toward Suhani. Sikandar pushes Gehna and Gehna pushes Surya. Surya falls on Urmila’s feet. Urmila favors him. Kaddu says he got gifts from his mom.

Suhani advises Kaddu that she needs to make a couple of things understood and says since the storage keys are with another person and assuming the cash is taken from the storage, Kaddu won’t actually be aware. Gehna says she understands what Suhani means and says everybody present here has the right on all that is present in this house, be it cash or connections. Kaddu says Suhani is correct. Suhani says Urmila is still new in this house and they can’t confide in her unexpectedly early. Kaddu concurs and leaves from that point. Raju asks Gehna what is Suhani’s new show now. Gehna says they need to figure out what Suhani is doing now.

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