Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 19 July 2022 written update

At the beginning of the episode, Sarika awakens Suhani from rest. Suhani yells about why she is upset like Gehna. Sarika requests that she share her experience when she got pregnant interestingly. Suhani gets cheerful reasoning Sarika is pregnant and compliments her. Sarika says Gehna is feeling lightheaded, so its conceivable that she is pregnant. She insults Suhani that she will get going dealing with the kid and Gehna will sentiment with Surya. Suhani envisions attempting to conciliate a crying child and frenzies.

During breakfast, Gehna requests a pickle. Suhani lets Sarika know that her uncertainty is by all accounts right. Gehna appreciates pickles. Shreya inquires as to whether she ought to serve her paratha and pickle. Sarika inquires as to how could mother get pregnant as it has been a very long time since her father died. Suhani glares at her while Gehna leaves hacking. Shreya strolls to Gehna and sees her leaving the house. Gehna says she will be back not long after counseling a specialist. Sarika hears their discussion and thinks their mother is becoming a grandmother once more. She illuminates Suhani that Gehna went outside for a specialist’s interview. She then, at that point, strolls to the kitchen and notices Shreya getting ready sweet corn soup for Gehna. Shreya says it is conceivable that Gehna can be pregnant Sarika gets more strained hearing that.

Gahna goes in an auto. Suhani follows her. Gehna sees her in auto’s mirror. Shreya calls her. Gehna inquires as to why Suhani is following her. Shreya chuckles and illuminates that Suhani and Sarika think she is pregnant and requests that she create utilization of the open door. Suhani’s legal counselor calls her and illuminates that Gehna and Surya’s separation trial is following 5 days. Gehna arrives at a medical clinic. Suhani follows her and watches her stowing away. Agastya calls Gehna and illuminates her that her separation hearing is following 5 days. She says currently separation won’t occur and strolls in. Suhani attempts to follow her inside the emergency clinic and stamps her foot to the steps. Gehna then, at that point, purchases medication from the drug store and acts mixed up. Staff makes her sit. She then, at that point, asks drug specialist that her telephone battery is depleting and assuming any of her relative comes there requesting her, he ought to illuminate her that she is in gynec’s office.

Suhani questions the drug specialist who illuminates her that Gehna went to gynec division and gives her Gehna’s remedy slip. She took the pills during her pregnancy and frenzied figuring Gehna can’t be pregnant. Sarika calls her and requests that she arrive at home as there is terrible news hanging tight for her. At home, Dada and Daadi redesign the house for the visitor’s appearance and examine that the visitor is fear and no one but she can keep up with harmony at their home. Suhani gets back and inquires as to whether it is actually the case that the visitor is coming. Dada says OK. Suhani falls in pressure. Daadi sprinkles water on her. Suhani awakens and asks when is the visitor coming. Dada says following 2 days. Suhani overreacts more and says she really wants to take out stuff from the storage compartment and improve the house in 2 days or less.

Gehna appreciates tamarind and requests that Shreya gives her more tamarind. Shreya requests that she talk low or, in all likelihood, somebody will hear that. Gehna gets profound and trusts she truly gets pregnant soon. Shreya appeals to God for her. Gehna envisions Surya dealing with the child and aiding her. Out of the creative mind, she gets miserable saying their marriage itself is in danger. Shreya solaces her that she really want not stress when the god is with her.

Suhani gets stuff out of the trunk gifted by the visitor Kaddu bua and requests that Sarika keep them at their typical spots. GEhna strolls in and requests that Suhani give her child socks for reference and insults her that she would be a decent daadi and her youngster would be fortunate to have a smart daadi. Suhani exhausted and will not give her socks. Gehna picks socks from the cabinet and insults Suhani once more.

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