Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 16 July 2022 written update

At the beginning of the episode, Surya says that this marriage can’t occur. Agastya advises him that the last option is separated from Gehna and presently she needs to live with him. Surya lets him know that he can’t survive without Gehna. He adds that he can’t see Gehna getting hitched by another person. Agastya lets him know that understanding this is past the point of no return. He says that Surya needs to lament for adhering to Suhani’s directions. Suhani says that Surya will adhere to her directions now moreover. Surya says that he will listen to Suhani however not in Gehna’s matter. Suhani heads inside.

Agastya lets Surya know that the last option can’t stop this marriage. He pushes Surya. Riddhima lets Surya know that this marriage will happen regardless of anything. Surya eliminates the lady’s cloak and he gets stunned considering Riddhima to be a lady of the hour. Seth’s family grins.

Shreya lets Surya know that Gehna went out. Surya asks them how might they let Gehna take off from the house. Suhani brings Gehna there. She is sorry to Surya. He tells her that they are people and committed errors so she really wants not to apologize. She gives Gehna’s hand to Surya. He asks them when they rejoined and how it worked out.

Gehna reviews how Suhani met her when she was preparing. Suhani lets Gehna know that she can’t confront Surya that is the reason she came to her. She says that her kids left her however subsequent to knowing reality too Surya didn’t leave her. She argues her to not leave Surya. Gehna gets some information about those folks. Suhani uncovers that they are gem dealers. Gehna tells everything to Surya. Surya embraces Suhani.

Suhani’s folks bring gems. Suhani says that she requested these for Gehna. Gehna lets Surya know that with the exception of him everybody realizes that they are getting hitched today. What’s more, it’s Urmila’s arrangement. Dadi says that they realize that Surya will get desirous seeing Gehna with Agastya.

Gehna says that Agastya’s family helped them. Agastya says that he was simply helping his companion. He reviews that how he shared with Riddhima that she is his decision and proposed her for marriage. Riddhima lets Surya know that she was fortunate that Agastya grasped her adoration. Surya says that they tricked him.

Suhani takes Surya to Urmila. She is sorry to her. She returns Surya to her. Surya apologizes to Urmila. Urmila lets him know that she is glad for him. Suhani chooses to take off from the house. Yet, Surya stops her and says that he needs the two Suhani and Urmila. He embraces them. After some time, Surya comes down the stairs in groomed clothing. Arjun returns. Sarika gets blissful seeing him. He embraces everybody. Gehna says that this is an account of a housekeeper who imagined turning into a legal counselor.

She adds that everybody can arrive at their objective like her. She sits alongside Surya in the marriage mandap. Suhani performs ‘gathbandhan’ custom. Gehna and Surya finish the ‘pheres’. He fills her temple with vermilion. He ties a nuptial chain around her neck. They take older folks’ endowments. Gehna eradicates the segment line. Suhani gives the storage key to Gehna. Seth’s family clicks the family photograph.

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