Yeh Hain Chahatein 16 July 2022 written update

At the beginning of the episode, the attorney tells the Police investigator that he brought bail papers. He says that whatever happened was only a misconception. The police assessor discharges Rudraksh. Khuranas arrives at the house. Sharda asks Rudraksh for what valid reason Preesha remains with Armaan.

Rudraksh goes inside without saying anything. She asks Vidyut and Raj what occurred at the police headquarters. Vidyut says that everything happened in light of Raj. Raj says that he never envisioned Pihu’s sister by marriage would be Preesha. Saaransh gets stunned hearing him.

Rudraksh sees Ruhi crying in his room. She embraces him and she lets him know that she was sitting tight for him. She uncovers that Preesha is in Delhi. He informs her that he additionally knows. She illuminates that how she found Preesha’s cloth and how she and Saaransh saw Preesha in the CCTV film.

She says that Preesha didn’t remember them in the disguised party. She adds how they met Preesha in Armaan’s home. He says that it’s unthinkable that Preesha didn’t remember them. He asks her for what valid reason she didn’t inform him prior.

She lets him know that she was unable to tell him in light of Saaransh’s commitment. So she called him to the school so she can rejoin him with Preesha. She lets him know that Preesha getting back to Mumbai. He tells her that he met Preesha. She lets him know that Preesha gets fits hearing his name. He tells her that Preesha pushed him and he never envisioned that she will act like that with him. She lets him know that Preesha failed to remember them. He tells her that Preesha recollects him. She lets him know that Preesha despises him that is the reason Armaan took Preesha to Mumbai.

She requests that he stop Preesha or, in all likelihood Preesha will go to Mumbai. She adds that she can’t survive without Preesha. He embraces him and he tells her that he will bring Preesha back. He says that he doesn’t realize what befell Preesha however he is certain that Armaan is answerable for her condition. Saaransh inquires as to whether the last option will leave his resentment and bring back Preesha. Rudraksh lets them know that he wants his children backing to bring back Preesha. Kids consent to help him.

Saaransh tells Rudraksh he didn’t fail to remember that the last option hurt him. Be that as it may, he will help the well-being of Preesha. He adds that he will inquire as to whether she needs to live with Rudraksh or not. Also, he will uphold Preesha’s choice. Ruhi lets Rudraksh know that they will remain together as a family. Sharda asks them for what reason they didn’t enlighten her regarding Preesha. Ruhi apologizes to her.

Then again, Pihu faults herself for everything. Armaan requests that she not fault herself. He says that Preesha is protected and she is with them and that is enough for him. Digvijay says that he booked the upcoming flight. Preesha recaptures cognizance. Armaan gets some information about Rudraksh. He illuminates her that tomorrow they are getting back to Mumbai. He blends twofold portions in water and he offers it to Preesha

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